School owner, philanthropist, religious reader and philosopher and a gambler, this is the story of Efrika Toyoda

Efrika Toyoda (name changed) is an Australian Jew who recently donated 50 thousand Australian dollars to the poor kids of Somalia. Efrika believes that egregore is real. Two of Efrika’s hobbies are studying and interpreting religious texts, and performing magic. She has a huge interest in philosophical concepts of the religion, she has read at least tens of books by Rabbis and Jewish philosophers. One of those books – ‘Judaism’s Ten Best Ideas: A Brief Guide for Seekers’ is something that Efrika can recite from first page till the last without reading a word of it. Efrika is most aligned with the idealistic philosophy of all the popular religions  of the world.

Efrika owns a school that she inaugurated only 5 months ago. The school has very few students and even relatively fewer teachers; and the teachers that are there already are low quality ones. There is a huge room for improvement in the experience and quality of the faculty in Efrika’s school. One of the reasons why Efrika’s school is not doing so well is because she gave priority to religion even when it came to her education, she achieved a Master’s degree in education and religious studies at a 4-year university.

Efrika’s one and only brother – Moshe is a schizophrenic who believes that he is a reincarnation of the Greek God – Zeus. He used to feel fabulous after whipping off the asses of his own kids, he is an alcoholic. Efrika took the custody of his kids after she learnt about how he has been treating his kids. Moshe’s kids were the first students of Efrika’s school.

Efrika is a devout online gambler and while she has never been to a real-life casino in all her life, she loves to gamble on online websites related to FIFA55 and she is a very regular reader of gambling blogs like ganbanyokuma.

Scientist who invented counter-terrorism gadget loves to play FIFA55 in spare time

Lila Chaput (name changed) has her own philosophy when it comes to god, nature, consciousness and stuff like that. Lila rejects agnosticism and she says that the whole universe is one (we are all related), life is energy and we are all different forms of energy.

According to Lila, Indian mystic and author OSHO also known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s book ‘From Sex to Super-consciousness’ is utter broscience. “There is no way to back up what he wrote in his book. If you practice what he preaches seriously, you might end up with getting a prostate or testicular cancer. If you want to know what having prostate or testicular cancer feels like then for sure you go ahead with his teachings”, said Lila Chaput to me when I asked her why is she so against Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Lila Chaput has been experimenting with different magical genres for the past couple of months. She was tremendously excited and amazed when she discovered about ‘chaos magic’. On her first day of performing chaos magic rituals, she got inappropriately dressed up in skimpy clothes and wondered why the magic was not working.

When I asked her “Don’t you feel that magic is a broscience too?” She got furious and in a very loud voice said “NO! Magic is not a broscience. People from all over the world belonging to different cultures, tribes and races have been performing magic for thousands and thousands of years and it works.”

Lila’s brother – Christian is a scientist whose latest prominent invention is a gadget that helps in recognizing a terrorist. Christian’s favorite hobby is gambling online and his favorite online gambling game is FIFA55 which he discovered through fix it center.

Mother and Daughter on Furla and Fendi shopping spree since winning 500k USD

Daevy Angel (name changed) is a Wyoming born, New York raised woman who claims that she can recognize a wanker by his shoulders and decayed head. Daevy has rejected several of her daughters’ boyfriends because they were hardcore wankers according to Daevy. Daevy’s daughter Kelly hated her mother for that but when Daevy asked Kelly if she ever had a physical relationship with those guys, Kelly said ‘No’ and then Daevy replied “How would you know then? Try to have some fun with these guys and see if they do not have an erectile dysfunction already.”

Kelly listened to her mother’s advice and started calling her ex-boyfriends the same day and two of them replied her back. Kelly fixed a date with one of those who Kelly was sure can get it up. Kelly’s main purpose was to prove her mother wrong which she couldn’t. Kelly found out later that night her mother was right and the dude couldn’t get it up after trying so much. He drank 5 Red Bulls hoping that it would be able to get him up only to fail and get embarrassed. Kelly made so much fun of him, his face became red like a tomato with embarrassment.

Daevy only surrounds herself with people whom she can grow up with. She always wants to become psychologically better, intellectually sharper and emotionally stronger.

Daevy believes that parenting must be licensed. Furla and Fendi are Daevy and Kelly’s most favorite brands and they have been on a shopping spree since the mother and daughter duo won 500, 000 USD betting on FIFA55 websites. They got to know about FIFA55 from a blog post on domaine des ormes.

British-Indian woman replaced friendly bingo games with FIFA55 online

Vaibhavi Kriplani (name changed) is a British-Indian woman of Sindhi origin. Vaibhavi’s parents send tens of thousands of British Pounds each year as donations to the largest Indian political party – Bharatiya Janata Party. They promote the cause of Hindutva and are willing to send everything that they own to the person who can guarantee them ‘Ram Raj’ in India.

Whenever Vaibhavi asks her parents why they moved to India, they always give the same answer that the popular motivational speaker and author, the man, the myth, the legend aka Mr. Brian Tracy likes to give. They tell her “Imagine an old Volkswagen van being driven on a clean road on one side and a new Mercedes Benz being driven on a road that is full of potholes, bumps and stones everywhere on the road and they are both trying to reach their destination which is 10 miles away, who will reach faster?”

They believe that it is a lot easier to make money in America than in India.

Vaibhavi learnt web designing in the midst of last year but didn’t apply her newfound knowledge till August of this year anywhere. She created one unique website for her Indian ethnic wear boutique store in Slough. Her business’s name is Kriplani’s Indian Wear. It took her 2 months of extremely hard work to complete just this one website. Vaibhavi had no idea how hard is it going to be for her if she uses her knowledge after 1 complete year without any previous application.

Anyways, Vaibhavi has turned into an online gambling junkie since her best friend Jaswinder left England for America. Vaibhavi and Jaswinder used to play bingo games all the time together. Vaibhavi won 35000 British Pounds on Tuesday of this week with FIFA55. She didn’t know that any such game exists until she read an article on domain edesormes.

All of Zurine’s chronic gastric issues disappeared after winning 300000

Zurine Escoto (name changed) always has one or another gastric issue but all he was amazed and couldn’t notice it himself that all his gastric issues disappeared for a week when he won 300, 000 USD betting on FIFA55. Zurine was never a gambler. He is learning Thai and while reading a random Thai blog that goes by the name do jo, he learnt about FIFA55 online gambling. To put his mind off the recent breakup with his girlfriend, Zurine decided to gamble for a while and the nature was all along with him. He kept winning until he finally stopped because he couldn’t stay awake anymore and after getting up decided to never gamble again even after winning a sum of 300, 000 USD.

Zurine owns and posts on several different online forums. None of the Zurine’s forums is about any risky topic. Most of these forums are related to arts, humanities, education and people.

Zurine believes that all of life is like climbing a ladder.

I personally think that life is a ladder. You may climb up if you try hard enough and you are doomed to get down of it if you don’t push yourself hard enough.

Zurine posts a lot of pro-black people stuff on his forums and on one of his posts he claimed that black people are victims like no other race on the face of the earth. Well, I don’t completely agree with this statement of Zurine, especially that black people are victims like no other race on the face of the earth. I am certain that Zurine doesn’t know about all the races in the world and how many of those are bigger victims than the blacks including the Red Indian people.

Chastity advocate Indian-American woman loves FIFA55

Rishu Lozano (name changed) is an Indian-American woman who claims that an average woman is superior to a man if the man is a wanker or has recreational sex frequently. She also claims that women have more patience and mental strength than the men if you compare them with men who have frequent recreational sex. No, Rishu wasn’t raised a catholic but her claims can be verified by looking at most households of America or any country in the world.

The fact that women have less depression, suicide and a longer lifespan all over the world is known to almost everyone. In most of these countries, the women are still treated as second class citizens if not worst but they still have lesser depression and suicide rates.

Rishu came to the United States with her parents when she was 5. Now she is 33 and for the very first time within these 28 years she traveled to India and was amazed how lazy and procrastinators Indians are. They work all the businesses the old school way and resist to use the new methods, techniques and technologies to run their businesses. Many of those go to work in order to make their family believe that they are working hard. Many just go and sleep in the office or chat with their like-minded neighboring office owners or their employees.

After coming back from India, Rishu promised herself that she will never go back there again. She wrote a post on her blog telling almost everything strange or unusual that she encountered in India. Its a long post of about 4200 words.

Rishu’s favorite pastime is betting and she bets only on fun games like FIFA55 which she discovered through daily 10 online.

Playful boyfriend and girlfriend love to play Fifa 55 gambling online together

Angie Rockwell (name changed) is a stunning lady who is very active on social media, she looks much better in reality than in her photographs no matter how she airbrush those or do stuff of that sort to her pictures. She is a beautiful woman with breathtaking and mesmerizing green eyes which have only been getting better with age.

Angie is just awesome with her long sun bleached hair and gorgeous long legs. Women with real beautiful hair nowadays are hard to find but not if you live in Angie’s neighborhood which is an upper-middle class neighborhood with stunning women all over. Many of these women have head turning, traffic stopping bodies.

Angie loves learning new things and meeting new people and also she loves fashion especially dresses and high heels.

She is a really great girlfriend who provides her boyfriend a fresh experience each time they meet. Angie has a lovely bubbly side and she is always a little bit curious. Her long black hair, size 10, c cup bust drive her boyfriend crazy each time.

Angie is a fun, freaky, fabulous, seductive and playful lady that makes her boyfriend’s wildest fantasies come true and never disappoints him. Angie enjoys domestic slavery, roleplays, invasive plays and bondage. They are also happy to switch occasionally. Angie’s boyfriend keeps chanting over and over how lucky he is.

Angie’s boyfriend is a man with confidence yet maturity to know that true confidence is humility.

Angie and her boyfriend together love to play Fifa 55 gambling online which they got to know about from alovietpinless.

Each of Avraham’s bet makes him richer

Avraham Sachs (name changed) hates the roast shows, he just can’t stand those. He says the roast programs are full of bad energy and the roasters only speak non-sense because they need to say something and he detests anything that is forced.

Avraham is one of the leading distributors of magazines and books in his country. Lately, Avraham has been inconsistent with his goals. Avraham is a firm believer of the statement “Each of your action determines your future.” His most favorite action is when he places a bet on the website called air force. Avraham loves the game of Fifa 55 gambling.

Avraham’s brother Jonathan who has been living in India for the past 6 years recently bought a Gypsy King. Gypsy King is like poor man’s Jeep Wrangler or worst. Jonathan speaks fluent Hindi and he loves watching Indian television. His favorite Hindi TV show is ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and his favorite character in the show is Mr. Arora played by Mr. Kapil Sharma himself.

Avraham claims that the recent ban of 827 porn websites by the Government of India is a joke. It is a big conspiracy in order to make porn more prevalent in the rural areas of India as they still use the term ‘blue film’ instead of porn and by showing the news for weeks how the Govt of India banned the porn will only make the rural people aware of the term ‘porn’ which in turn make Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio more profitable. Avraham also claims that the Govt of India has a hidden agenda where they are promoting porn day and night in order to sleaze down the unemployed and impoverished Indian youth so that they can continue ruling over them. Another reason why the Govt of India banned porn is to show the ‘stupid common people of India’ how religious and moral the current government is and how much they are doing for the welfare of the teens of the country.

Smart Jewish-American lady pays electricity bills for her luxury cottages with 2khtarekhorshid money

Halene Stein (name changed) is a beautiful, educated, classy, elegant and independent American-Jewish lady living in the southwest city in Florida called Cape Coral. Halene owns luxury cottages for VIP guests in the plush Silver King Boulevard. Halene’s cottages are really very well furnished with 2khtarekhorshid Fifa 55 gambling advertisements all over the place. They also provide transport facility from and to the nearest airport. 2khtarekhorshid advertisements are enough to pay Halene’s cottages’ electricity bills.

Halene’s whole family is somehow involved in the music industry. One sister of Halene is a singer, her mother also used to be a small-time singer, her father used to be a music composer who always idolized Jan Hammer and tried to create music like him all his life but never succeeded, Halene’s grandfather used to ghostwrite songs for some of the top singers of his time. Halene herself started a small music related business recently to continue the family tradition. She buys fresh lyrics from Italian ghostwriters in Italian language cheap and resell it after translating the same into English. One of the reasons why Halene buys Italian lyrics is because she wants to make use of the Italian language somehow which she learnt while in college and second because she knows where to get it dirt cheap.

Halene believes that weapons of mass destruction have only prevented wars up-till now and they will continue to do so most likely in the near future.

Halene is definitely one of the smartest people you have ever met. Halene was an extremely brilliant student who earned her civil engineering degree with practically no expenses in Australia due to a scholarship.

Lustful husband and wife invested all that they had in gambling and now they make more money than ever before

Ranjitha Lelund (name changed) is a sensually open individual and is never a “no” person in bed. Handcuffs, lingeries, costumes and toys, she carries it all with herself, she is a very kinky person indeed. Ranjitha is very cute and hot, she loves to party and show her husband a good time.

Ranjitha’s husband Raj is also a very sexual person who is never afraid to explore Ranjitha’s new fantasies. Raj loves to please, tease, tantalize and have fun. The couple makes tons of donations to the LGBT communities and they never make them ask for it.

Once when Raj was out for a business trip, she suspected that Ranjitha is having an affair with some other man. One night while he was still out and drunk, he called Ranjitha on the phone and started verbally abusing her. After he got up in the morning, he realized how wrong he was and called Ranjitha back again to apologize and took back all the words he uttered before. That was the only time when their relationship got into trouble.

Ranjitha and Raj both have huge libidos and they can’t imagine themselves cheating on each other, owing to this reason they have invested all their money in gambling websites (judi online in their language) and all they do is multiply their investment with gambling and play with each other all day all night long.

The couple looks so blissful all the time. Ranjitha takes a deep breath and enjoys the amusement ride. Raj is younger than Ranjitha but his experience and skill in art of seduction and making women happy is way beyond his years.

Workaholic ex-dropshipper is building a luxury furniture store chain

Cahyo Winata (name changed) is building a complete luxury furniture store chain. Cahyo is looking for employees for his store that don’t control the time strictly. Earlier he used to dropship cheap furniture on eBay and several other websites. Dropshipping is buying low and selling high, ‘arbitrage’ in short. Cahyo tried his best to save enough money with dropshipping to start his own store but he was only able to save pennies with it. It wasn’t until he tried Fifa55 gambling on ymlp307 that he started making huge bucks.

Cahyo speaks five different languages, loves to drink white wine, eats nothing other than Italian cuisine, likes freesions and sports.

Whenever I meet him personally, I find him drinking a cup of green tea. He was being extorted by an ex-girlfriend of his recently who leaked his private photos on the internet.

Cahyo since meeting this extorting woman has made a promise to himself that he will get to know his future girlfriends better before making out and deepening the relations with them. Cahyo has a pure soul, warm heart and sinful body. His sinful body has always been getting him in trouble.

In the month of September this year, Cahyo also bought a very cozy apartment in a very plush neighborhood. He lives alone currently, i.e., no parents or girlfriends. So he has nobody telling him not to gamble, he is busy multiplying his money all the time and investing that money in his upcoming furniture store chain. He finds it most pleasurable to work. Working is his most favorite hobby.

Building a hotel chain with soccer gambling money isn’t a bad idea

Briella Pinto (name changed) caused a great sensation in her tiny country called Latvia when she recovered money successfully from the biggest fraudsters in her town.

Briella always needs her coffee to gain momentum at the workplace. Briella is a very straightforward and benevolent person.

She recently met a very handsome 25 year old gentleman originally from Turkey with whom she fell in love after the fiasco of meeting. Briella loves to have a romantic supper with her newfound love. She is trying her best to connect with him to a deeper level. Once they had a fight and she called him a scumbag. They made up the very next day when Briella called her boyfriend and said sorry to him.

Briella is an independent, clever, funny and almost always well-groomed lady from Macedonia.

Briella recently won about a million Australian dollar playing judi bola and since then she has been dreaming of building a hotel chain of her own.

Briella has a voluntarily celibate cousin. To make this cousin of her realize the true value of a girlfriend, she provided him a true girlfriend experience. No! They didn’t get too close. They didn’t even kiss each other or any such thing. They just had a lovely dinner together where she acted just like a girlfriend.

Briella is an extremely exquisite, sensual and attractive woman and it became too hard for her voluntarily celibate male cousin to control himself when she acted like his girlfriend. He had to relieve himself after she left.

Briella enjoyed a trip to Goa, India with his current boyfriend this October, she wishes she had gone sooner. She absolutely loved the place.

Briella loves to read books on almost every subject.

We all need our lucky mascots, Elyakim knows his and I am looking for mine

Elyakim Alperin (name changed) believes Rick Ross’ rap songs to be his mascot. From hustling to his not-so-popular rap songs, Elyakim has it all saved in his pen drive, computer hard drive, you name it. He was listening to his then latest rap song ‘Money Machine’ which Rick Ross and Gucci Mane created in collaboration when he came across Togel Online Hongkong.

His mascot aka Rick Ross brought good luck to him once again, he won a huge amount in the game.

I never believed in this mascot business ever before but after watching Elyakim won the game of Togel Online, I have become a huge believer in the concept of mascot and while I am yet to discover my own mascot, I have been looking for it nevertheless ever since. It is one of the fundamental cosmic principles.

I want to give my life a brand new start and make as much money as Mr. Alperin does. I want to swim with the bikini girls and party all night. I know I will get there if I find my mascot.

I know that market pays below average for a below average performance and I am trying my hardest to be the best and improve my performance all the time but I know that I won’t be able to live that Elyakim style life without a lucky mascot. That dude Elyakim owns his own yachts and he is a president of a yacht club as well.

Ex-waitress at an expensive resort bought a 6200 sq yards bungalow and restarted a toilet soap factory

Sri Cokro (name changed) says that she cannot function without coffee. She claims that coffee increases her productivity like nothing else can. If Sri could turn the page, she would tell her teen self to drink coffee everyday multiple times a day.

Sri Cokro has had several monks and nuns in her family and she herself has this obsession with enlightenment and spirituality quests. Sri’s father owned a small toilet soap factory when she was little. The factory couldn’t keep up with the competition and Sri’s father decided to sell all the machinery and kept it closed. The factory was vacant throughout these years until Sri decided to restart it and invested all the funds required. The factory now has 89 employees.

Sri Cokro bought a 6200 Square Yards bungalow on the Uluwatu Street in the famous Jimbaran village of the super-popular Bali island of Indonesia.

Sri is in love with the island of Bali. There was a time when Sri used to work as a waitress at the St. Regis Bali Resort. She would try to flirt with every white American and European gentleman there in a hope that he will get impressed by her and take her to his country with himself. She spent nights with in-numerous white European and American men in a hope that one of them will take her to his country and she will marry him there and get a green card of a European or American country but that never happened. Sri now considers herself lucky that it never happened.

You may be wondering how a waitress got so much money to rebuild and restart a factory, buy a bungalow on one of the most expensive streets of Indonesia like it is nothing? The answer is PKV Games. Sri triples her money playing PKV games every day and it is unbelievable how easy, smooth and great it works.

Cahya Pambudi created a wonderful life for herself with one click

Cahya Pambudi (name changed) recently got her house remodeled and got a new camper to stay and sleep in meanwhile. Cahya was raised by emotionally draining and what the popular Dr. Phil McGraw likes to call “baiter” parents. Cahya’s parents would always bait her somehow and leave her emotionally drained. Cahya would find it hard to concentrate on her studies after getting emotionally drained by her parents. Cahya was told from her very childhood that all revolutions are nothing but big scams.

Cahya’s father owned an ice cream factory and her mother used to be a homemaker. After completing college, Cahya moved out. She was 21 back then. She really got tired of her emotionally draining parents and she said that she would have preferred sleeping on the streets than living with them. But luckily, Cahya got an apartment and a job immediately.

Cahya’s salary at her job wasn’t enough for the kind of lifestyle she wanted to live and she would wonder all the time what is it that she could do to make some extra buck. Cahya would search the internet a lot in hope for finding some way to make a lot of money on the side and would only trust the links that looked reliable. Cahya once luckily found Agen Poker Terbaru and it really changed her life.

Cahya started with only 20 Million Indonesian Rupiah about 6 months ago and by now she has transformed those 20 Million Indonesian Rupiah to 1.8 Billion Indonesian Rupiah. Cahya has stopped going to her daytime job and all she does is multiplies her money with Agen Poker Terbaru and invest all that money in cryptocurrency including bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin.

Argentinian Young Man plays taruhan bola online and multiplies his money

Pedro is an Argentinian young man who was born in the family of working class people. One of the worst moments in Pedro’s life was when they were taking his brother to the mental health hospital.

Pedro’s grandfather traces its family’s roots to a Sephardi Jewish family. They were a popular social reformers of their time having stood for the women’s rights.

Pedro loves to do a lot of research and currently, he is studying the Yazidi people and trying to find their roots in Judaism. When Pedro is not busy researching, he is busy multiplying his money. Yes, you heard me, soon Pedro will be able to loan Jeff Bezos.

All Pedro does is research on his favorite topics and play taruhan bola online. That’s all that he does. He used to play a lot of football earlier but he hasn’t been playing any outdoor games lately because he stays busy all the time.

Contrary to the popular belief that Jews are racist and look down upon other religions, Pedro and his family believe in religious brotherhood.

Pedro used to be a truck driver. He drove his father’s truck after his father retired. On the way, Pedro used to surf the internet a lot during the red lights and traffic jam. Once while surfing the internet, he came across this wonderful Youtube video that showed him how to play taruhan bola online. Pedro started with US Dollars 100, and can you guess how much money does he have in his bank account today generated with doing nothing but playing taruhan bola only? He has US Dollars 450, 000 sitting in his bank account which he earned within a period of 14 months only.

You too can make a fortune, you can also change your life forever. Do something creative today, do something new.

Started his own pub with Poker Money

Robin is a son of dermatologist husband and wife. He was raised in a very ambitious and good atmosphere. His parents’ dream was to make their son the greatest doctor that has ever been. He understood what his parents wanted from him. He would try his best to make his parents proud of him one day but he failed.

Robin was never good at studies. Forget about being the world’s greatest doctor, the school didn’t even allow him to enter the Biology class, he had to enter into the commerce and finance stream after the junior high school.

His parents’ dreams were of course shattered and not only that. Robin fell in love with a gold digging older woman while still in school. They would make love after the school at her home every day and Robin’s parents were unaware of it.

After Robin turned 18, Robin left his parents’ house and never met them again. Robin first worked at the odd wage paying jobs, but soon enough wanted to start a business of his own.

Robin was born in the city of Philadelphia, but raised in New York, but you would be surprised to know where he went from there, he started living at Mill Creek just because of this one girl who had now left him.

Robin’s parents didn’t even bother to look for him.

Robin wanted to start his own pub in the town of Mill Creek. The investment required was very low, but Robin had only a couple hundred bucks in his pocket. Robin wanted to start one so badly that he started researching the ways to multiply his money within a matter of weeks. He finally found the solution called judi poker. Robin started playing judi poker in hope for multiplying his couple hundred bucks.

Robin played the poker all night after coming back from work and converted his 200$ to $1450 within an entire night. He kept playing it every night after coming back from the work, and after 18 days, he had enough money to start his own pub in Mill Creek.

Italian-American Young Man living lavish in Los Angeles

Ian is an Italian-American man who came to the United States when he was only 12. Ian’s parents worked odd wage paying jobs all their lives while living in the United States. Ian went to a government school and he had no dreams. He wasn’t even good at any sports. He felt that he will remain a loser all his life.

Ian never went to the college. Ian started working at a McDonald’s after he completed his school. Ian’s parents were worried about him. They never wanted their son to be a petty job worker.

Ian wanted to buy his own car to drive as a taxi. Ian had no money to buy one though. He heard that Uber drivers are making as much as $25 per hour just driving their car. He lived in Los Angeles, and the average there is estimated to be $9 something. Ian wanted to buy a car to drive as a taxi very badly. He looked for the ways to make a quick buck to buy on the internet and turned out that qq online is the only thing that can make him some fast buck to buy his own car to drive as a taxi.

Ian went to the most trusted qq online website and started playing. He had only 89$ to invest and multiply it. He started playing qq online and within a matter of hours, turned his $89 into $700. Ian’s confidence raised and next day, he used $500 to play and turned it into $1550. After doing this for weeks, Ian saved enough money to buy a Honda Accord to drive as an Uber.

After he bought the Honda Accord, his mind changed and instead of using it as an Uber car, he started using it for the personal use and now he does only play qq online as his full-time business and lives lavish.