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Ian Cooper lived in India for a long while and she says that the people and government of India are very proud of their army but they don’t know that it cannot stand any army of the world which is equivalent in size.

Ian believes that the current Prime Minister of India is a puppet of Israel-US-UK-Europe alliance who has been recruited by the alliance as a part of the China containment policy. Ian says that India is constantly getting into conflicts with its neighboring countries so that the American puppet Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi can travel to the Europe or USA to buy some arsenal and spend all the income tax collection of India on buying the arsenal from the western countries. Ian says that is just one part of the agenda created by the Israel-US-UK-Europe alliance, the other part is that India will go on a full-fledged with the Republic of China and before that will boycott the Chinese products altogether.

Ian is a freelance journalist and he has many things to say about several different newspapers of the world. Ian says that the People’s Daily of China is one of the best and unbiased newspapers. Ian says that it is a western propaganda that there is no freedom of speech in the Republic of China, Ian says that no other nation allows as much freedom of speech as the Republic of China.

Ian says that Pakistan’s oldest newspaper Dawn is the only reliable and trustworthy newspaper in the entire nation of Pakistan. Ian always appreciates Dawn News of Pakistan a lot but that doesn’t mean that he appreciates other news channels or newspapers of Pakistan. Ian is very critical of both the leftist and rightist media of Pakistan and whence emotional, he even said “Pakistan doesn’t even have the caliber of naming its press agency on its own. The council of Pakistani Press named their most prominent news agency – Associated Press of Pakistan after America’s Associated Press.”

Unlike most journalists, Ian is a fun-loving guy and he loves to gamble online in the middle of the night. He is also a regular reader of Thai gambling blogs similar to femme de menage bordeaux.

Cosmology and Botany enthusiast – Breina Barre is a businesswoman who started betting online after reading a book

Breina Barre is an amateur cosmologist who also likes to study botany as a hobby. Breina has been learning Urdu, Persian and Arabic for the past few months to understand the Islamic culture, religion, history and evolution better although Breina understands and believes that not much evolution has taken place in the religion of Islam since its dawn back in the 7th century.

Along with being an academic, Breina is a businesswoman. Breina owns a furniture store which is popular for selling stunning bedside tables.

Breina loves to study the world politics, business and more and she has a lot to say about many different things that are happening across the world, are bound to happen or may happen in the near future. Breina says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the automobile industry of the Republic of China takes over 70% of the world’s automobile industry.

Breina claims that she is certain that the aircraft industry of Israel is going to take over that of the United Kingdom within less than 7 years.

Breina’s store used to sell silk bedsheets until about a couple of years ago and Breina says that the quality of the raw silk from Japan is getting constantly higher while that from the Republic of China is getting lower.

Breina says that the people with dual citizenship shouldn’t be allowed to participate in any elections at all.

Breina is very critical of the current government of India and the current Indian Prime Minister. When Modi talks about shining India, Breina always asks what else India has other than rice, wheat, millets, oil seeds, tea and sugarcane.

Breina’s life improved a lot after she completed reading “How to Make Successful Decisions” by Alison Hardingham. Breina loved that Alison Hardingham, the author didn’t hesitate to mention the fact that a lot of what she owns financially, she attributes to gambling and that’s what made Breina gamble online for the first time in her life. Breina recently won 50, 000 US Dollars with FIFA55 betting which she instantly put in her bank account. Breina has been reading gambling blogs too for a while now. Breina’s current most favorite gambling blog is

Lesley Dubois bought a Nissan Armada with that FIFA55 money

Lesley Dubois is a photographer who claims to have seen aliens when he didn’t have a camera with him and his phone’s battery was dead. Lesley claims that he never used to believe that aliens exist before that and this event changed her view that he knows a lot, that was the moment when Lesley realized that he knew almost nothing, that was the moment when Lesley realized that his friends’ opinion that gambling can make someone rich can be possible and that’s the moment when Lesley thought for the first time to bet online. Lesley started reading gambling blogs like col2000 for the very first time then and believe me, just in January of this year, Lesley bought a brand new Nissan Armada with the money that he won with betting on FIFA55 websites.

Lesley says that since the day he saw that alien, he has even started to believe that evolution is just a myth and each and every race of human beings is alien from some other planet living on earth for tens of thousands of years.

Lesley’s mother had a collection of SAAB cars which she sold to the Duran Duran’s Roger Taylor for the price so low that you can’t even imagine.

Lesley recently enjoyed a trip to Japan when everywhere there were rallies against the security and convoy for the Prime Minister. Most common people of Japan want their Prime Minister to drive a K-car himself.

Lesley believes that it requires saint-worthy patience to become successful in every major or minor business in the modern age.

Lesley has traveled in many of the Islamic countries as well and he was amazed to see that many Sunni Muslims believe that the International Court of Justice has been doing injustice to them. Most Sunni Muslims really believe that all justices are sold out.

Clock manufacturer started a Punjabi Dhaba chain in the Europe with Sakongkiu money

Zinta Arslan had a lot of Sikh employees at her clock manufacturing company and that’s where she learnt about the Punjabi food and how hard working the Punjabi people are; when last month Zinta won 500, 000 USD with a trusted Sakongkiu agent (agen sakongkiu online), she decided to invest the same money into starting a Punjabi Dhaba chain.

Zinta is very critical of the modern democracy and she says that the politicians should be sent to the forests.

Zinta is a businesswoman and she writes regularly on her blog regarding the same. Zinta claims that the World Trade Organization (WTO) has done more harm than good to the business world. She also says that the import tariffs destroy more businesses than perhaps anything else.

Zinta was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic and she says that she cannot describe in words how nostalgic she got when she arrived at the Prague airport in January of this year.

Zinta has traveled the world and she says that contrary to the popular belief, the people living in so-called peaceful countries are tougher than the ones that live in the countries that are not considered peaceful.

Zinta says that like once almost every engineer coming from a middle-income family in America wanted to work for the Ford, Chrysler or General Motors, today every such engineer wants to work for the Apple or Microsoft.

Zinta recently traveled to the metropolitan cities of India and she was amazed to see that the luxury German cars are more common in the Indian subcontinent than ever before, Zinta was amazed to see that India has roughly over hundred times the number of luxury German cars than all the luxury Japanese cars (example – Accords, Camry, Prado, Land Cruiser) combined although the German cars in India cost over 2.5 times on an average of what they cost in the USA or Germany.

Lindon is enjoying her new television set completely made of silver that she bought with FIFA55 money

Lindon Droit is the daughter of a very popular astrologer who long ago predicted that the Italian mercury will be the reason for Armageddon. He even claimed that the WW3 will start from Sicily and the one to start it will always be dressed all in black and will have one of the most beautiful women in the world as his wife.

Lindon claims that soon enough the mineral oil aka petroleum aka crude oil won’t be much purposeful because the electronic cars and other technology are going to take over and hence petroleum won’t have much use but that doesn’t mean that the Saudi Arabia will become a bankrupt nation or a nation with meager capital. Lindon predicts that soon enough a technology will come that will raise the value of sand so much that the sand will become like next petroleum or perhaps even more valuable and Saudi Arab is going to find its next goldmine there.

Lindon is a chemist who says that the Russian and South African chromium may be the same chemically but there is day and night different between their quality. Lindon says that Peruvian zinc is no match to the Australian, Canadian or American zinc. Lindon says that Uranium found in Canada is far better quality than anywhere else. Linda says that copper from Chile is the best and shouldn’t even be compared with the copper throughout the rest of the world.

Lindon recently bought a cutlery company and a television set completely made of silver with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling using the tricks and tips that she learnt with cittaslow seferihisar.

Lindon recently enjoyed a trip to Mexico and she became a fan of the fish dishes made there in Mexico, Lindon says that Mexicans make the best fish dishes.

Conspiracy theorist hopes to have her own CVT company with her easy-earned bet money

Rosa Dehatan is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the reason why the Judeo-Christian media was criticizing the supreme leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un all day and all night long was because their aim was to first defame Kim Jong-Un then blackmail him with death and other threats. Rosa says that they have succeeded now and the recent meeting between the American President – Donald Trump and the Supreme Leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un is the proof. Rosa says that the government of USA, Pentagon and CIA have made a deal with Kim Jong-Un to combat the progress of the Republic of China. Rosa says that South Korea has already been doing its utmost with the help of the US to combat the Republic of China and she has several proofs to prove the same. Rosa says that the American automobile company – Ford was the one which gave perhaps the most popular company from South Korea – Hyundai, its first break with providing the same with engines and other help that it required to create and sell automobiles. Rosa says that perhaps the second most popular South Korean company – Samsung could only become what it is now with the help that it received from the USA and now the USA will use North Korea as its another base to combat the Republic of China.

Rosa says that Kim Jong-Un is nothing but a stooge of the United States of America now.

Rosa says that she wants to start her own CVT company with the money that she has been winning for quite a while with FIFA55 gambling with the usage and applicability of the tips and tricks that she learnt with top gambling blogs like sport equipment standards

Rosa says that she is very disappointed with the CVT in her Honda, Nissan and Toyota cars and she has tons of ideas with which she can improve the CVT transmissions which she won’t tell anyone but apply within her own company for which she has been collecting money.

Master Planner Architect relies more on FIFA55 gambling than her full-time business

Didi Jackson (name changed) is a master planner at a very large architectural firm. Didi has two main passions in her life, one of those being handicrafts for which she has won several medals and the other is online gambling with which she has won hundreds of thousands of dollars, thanks to blogs like Omaha parents for multiples.

Didi doesn’t feel shy to admit that she has had relations with several men within her life of 32 years. Didi says that the men with red genitals generally have higher dopamine levels and they are very enthusiastic about life and are great lovers as well.

Didi’s current boyfriend – Frederik is a painter who makes more money than most doctors, he very actively participates in many debates on different topics. Frederik claims that he will be able to beat Ben Shapiro by the end of this year.

Frederik has a lot of interesting things to say, for example, he claims that Isaac Newton was an agnostic but because he feared his life, he publicly always said that God is the real creator of the universe. About Albert Einstein, Frederik says that he got too much flattered by the Jewish media and hence started saying nonsense like the theory of ‘Cosmological Constant’.

Frederik claims that the Egyptian astronomers are very underrated and overlooked but they are the ones who are the most trustworthy and reliable astronomers.

Frederik is very much interested in the cars as well. He says that contrary to the popular belief that rear wheel drive cars are more fun to drive, the exact opposite of the same is true.

Frederik says that he keeps a sharp eye on the personal lives of several different motorsport champions and if we have to believe Frederik, the wife of Jenson Button divorced him because he has huge refractory periods post-sex and he needs at least a week to get it up back again.

Sharon Novakova wishes if Volvo can get back to manufacturing hand-made cars again, she has now got enough money to buy one with the help of a Greek gambling company

Sharon Novakova (name changed) says that her dream is to create a luxury car that will cost only USD 10, 000 to the customers. Sharon is a car enthusiast who says that Toyota can double its sales if it starts making more stylish cars. Sharon loves the Toyotas for their reliability but she says that reliability is not the only thing that a customer looks for while buying a car. Sharon says that Toyota needs to make their cars more joyful to drive, better to look at and with more features.

Sharon sold out both her cars, both Hyundai that she had been driving since 2004 for a new Volvo XC60 and a BMW X6. Sharon also bought a backpack company that specializes in manufacturing anti-theft backpacks, all in the same night. It all happened like a miracle after Sharon won 2 million dollars with a honest Greek betting company (etairiess stoiximatos).

Sharon predicts that the sedans will be completely replaced by the more luxurious, longer and wider crossovers soon enough.

Sharon’s sister – Farah is quite the opposite of Sharon who says that cars are a rip-off and she never bought one in her entire life, she rather travels through Uber, Lyft or Public transport instead. Sharon couldn’t care less about what the opinion of Farah or anybody else is when it comes to the cars, Sharon says that she will remain a car enthusiast until the last day of her life no matter what.

Sharon says that the industrialization is a curse, the sooner the humans realize it the better it would be. Sharon claims that the board members of the Datsun were thinking that after they name their company as Nissan, it will become the Mercedes of Japan, Sharon says that it could have been this way, Sharon even goes to the extent of saying that Nissan could have beat all of the German car-makers if it made hand-made cars. Sharon wishes if Volvo can get back to making hand-made cars again.

Ramita Duggal is a Sikh Canadian who has never been to Venice but she loves Venice Foursquare Church

Ramita Duggal (name changed) is a Canadian of Indian origin who has been living in Quebec for the past 7 years. Ramita claims that Quebec will soon become a different nation if the rest of the Canada keeps discriminating against it like it has been for as long as she can remember.

Ramita isn’t a Christian, neither has she ever visited Venice but she can never thank a blog called Venice Foursquare Church enough for the online gambling tips and tricks that it has taught Ramita over time.

Ramita is an amateur political analyst who says that Islamic extremists are just doing what their predecessors did, just the times and the methods of their deeds have changed but their intention has always been the same.

Ramita claims that she knew a guru back in India who was an alchemist as well. She says that this guru could turn the rubber into gold with a mantra.

Ramita sounds like she is high on psychedelics when she claims that the living beings on the planet Venus aren’t visible to the human beings with naked eyes but they can be seen with a tool which the scientists are yet to invent. Ramita says that the living beings that live on Venus also celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries like the modern homo sapiens sapiens by cutting cakes and giving and receiving gifts. Ramita has asked her guru to invent a mantra to see the living beings on the planet Venus.

Ramita claims that the planet Saturn is obsessed with destroying the sun and it believes that it will succeed soon enough but sun is god’s favorite planetand the god might destroy Saturn the moment he gets to know about Saturn’s intentions against the sun.

This wealthy American landlord bought a Bentley Grand Convertible by Mulliner with FIFA55 money

Vanja Adolfson (name changed) is the daughter of a wealthy landlord who owns several ranches and each and every SUV that has ever been available for sale in the US since the late 1990s.

Vanja’s dad has done an extensive study on the origins of the Native Americans also known as Red Indians. He says that the similarities between the Indian goddess of death – Kali and the Native American’s goddess of death – Santa Muerte is a proof more than enough that Native Americans have Indian origins. He also says that if you want to know how the ancient Indians of India lived before they were colonized by the British and invaded by the Mughals, you can know it by looking at the Native Americans as the Native Americans haven’t grown much as they never mingled with any other society than their own for tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of years.

Vanja’s dad recently bought a Bentley Grand Convertible by Mulliner with the money that he won with FIFA55 gambling using the tips and tricks mentioned on a gambling niche blog named California Visit.

Vanja’s dad believes that Federal Republic governments are one of the worst type of governments, he gives the example of what a Federal Government did to once as powerful and progressive nation of Brazil.

Vanja’s dad also claims that kissing publicly in several different parts of the world during the neolithic age used to be punishable by the tribes’ chief people.

Vanja is a painter who is obsessed with wildlife and nature. She gives huge rebates and incentives to her regular clients. She says that one of the major barriers that come across her progress as a painter is that she focuses a lot on the small and not-so-critical tasks than big and important ones.

This energetic California girl bought a new mansion in the Lake City, FL with Bitcoin Casino money

Ida Bodek (name changed) used to provide website designing and SEO services out of her office in Louisville, Kentucky until about an year ago, although the business didn’t so much well for Ida, she learnt a lot out of it and one of the things that she learned was that it is better to spend all her money betting on Bitcoin Casino USA and multiply her money than invest it in small businesses, work 100 hours a week and make a meager profit. Do you know what? Ida was right, she recently bought a new mansion at the Lake City in Florida which cost her millions. Ida isn’t even from Florida, she is from California but her mother used to be overly indulged in the Hinduism when Ida was a kid and many different priests at different ISCKON temples predicted that the Lake City is going to be an extremely lucky city for Ida.

Ida’s one and only brother is a vascular surgeon who just cannot get enough of the Chicken soup. He eats chicken soup at least twice a day, due to his addiction to the chicken soup, many people mistake him of being a Jew or half-Chinese. Life has been tough for this brother of Ida as well, but no problem, Ida is there to help all the members of her family, while Ida herself is a hardcore vegan who says that only fools eat meat, she didn’t even hesitate once to give her brother all the money that he required to start a restaurant in Dallas, Texas and a bakery in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ida hates crime-prone big cities and that’s also one of the reasons why she chose to start living in the Lake City, Florida.

Ida is an extraordinarily energetic lady who attributes her energy to sugar-free dates, dried apricots and dried apples.

Bengali Graphic Designer claims that Jews are even ahead in online gambling including FIFA55

Srilekha Apsara (name changed) is a Senior Graphic Designer at an animation company in Bengal, India. Srilekha lived in Bangladesh for a couple of years and she has several funny stories to share about Bangladesh. Srilekha says that the buyer is required to sing the Bangladeshi National Anthem at the dealership when taking the delivery of his/her new car in Bangladesh. Srilekha never bought a car in Bangladesh but her closest Bangladeshi friend bought 2 cars and she couldn’t stop laughing her ass off when singing the national anthem at the car dealership.

Srilekha’s brother – Sharad is a Chief Road Tester for a popular Auto Magazine. He told Srilekha that the Ford is envious of General Motors when it comes to supplying for military, FBI and presidential convoy vehicles. Ford doesn’t envy all the other car manufacturers combined as much as it does the General Motors alone.

Srilekha has a very deep-rooted hatred against the politicians and she says that 99.99% of the politicians are under-achievers including the top world leaders.

Srilekha is an atheist but she wishes that she was born to Jewish parents so that she could feel like a chosen one. Srilekha envies both the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews alike. Srilekha says that Jews are far ahead the other races when it comes to gambling as well and fnopl is the proof.

Once when in Gozo, Malta, Srilekha got in a huge argument with a taxi driver whom Srilekha doubted was being racist. Srilekha told him that in India, a typical government officer has a larger personal bungalow than the parliament house of Malta.

Srilekha is an independent women rights activist. Srilekha claims that men who ogle a lot at women are more likely to harass women at the workplace.

CIA agent is a gambler whose business reached its zenith after ranking top on Google

Zoe Brodeur (name changed) lived in Pakistan for 3 years when she worked as a CIA agent. Zoe says that the Union Cabinet of Pakistan is overly chatty and deliberately so, in order to deviate the common people from the main topics and issues.

As a history enthusiast, living in Pakistan, Zoe studied and researched a lot of Pakistani history. Zoe found out that men of almost all the martial races from Kashmir to Kanyakumari were employed in the Mughal army. Zoe says that the Khatri warriors in the Mughal army had intelligence along with the valor and courage and that’s what made the Muslim warriors belonging to other races angry.

Zoe resents drug addicts a lot. She started resenting them after she was given a task in Pakistan for spending days with them in the rehab. Zoe resents the Pakistani parents and relatives too as she claims that most of them do their best to humiliate the kids.

About the Talibanis, Zoe says that these guys have hearts as dry as dust, they have sympathy for none and they don’t spare anyone when got a chance.

Zoe went to watch several Pakistani dramas live as well. Zoe found most of the comedians working at Pakistani stage to be boring but the same boring guys think of themselves as some kings of comedy.

Zoe recently started a new business which reached its acme after showing up on the top of the Google for most of the related keywords.

Zoe says that scumbags constitute about a quarter of the human race as they believe that gambling is bad. Zoe has made more money with gambling, especially Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188) than anything else that she has ever done.

Tanya Radford started selling leather boots online with the money she won with bandar bola

Tanya Radford (name changed) is a costume shop owner who recently fulfilled her wildest fantasies with her boyfriend in her own Volvo XC90 recently.

Tanya claims that the researchers have no real life experiences and hence they shouldn’t be trusted.

Tanya recently started selling umbrellas and leather boots online with the money that she won with bandar bola.

Tanya loves cooking and she has several videos of her teaching cooking on the Youtube.

Tanya is a very big fan of the Bollywood actor – Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh Bachchan’s father used to be a poet, Tanya says that Amitabh Bachchan himself sends his father’s poetry to random emails just in order to popularize those.

Tanya says that Skoda doesn’t get a manufacturing plant in the USA because CNN and Fox News spread fake news that Skoda is the most unreliable car make in the world and many Skoda cars have caught fire. Tanya says that the Fox News and CNN are again ready to publish fake news regarding Skoda if they ever plan to set up a manufacturing plant in the USA. Tanya says that these fake news against Skoda are sponsored by its Japanese rivals.

Tanya says that none of Toyota cars is sufficient bang for the buck like they once used to be. Tanya has the same to say about the Honda as well.

Tanya’s ex-sister-in-law is a Belgian loudmouth to whom Tanya’s brother gave child support, alimony and even female bodyguards.

Tanya’s brother says that Russians make up some of the best diplomats due to their diplomats being some of the most beautiful women in the world. Tanya’s brother got introduced to his ex-wife by a Russian beauty as well.

Tanya’s brother is the owner of a spy agency time tested for over 4 decades. He lives a very lucrative but stressful life.

Black Water agent Ruby Eidelberg is one of the handful of Jews living in Pakistan

Grace Eidelberg (name changed) is a proud owner of an online fraud management company and a company that manufacturers moon roofs for some mainstream automobile companies.

Grace has always been rebellious and she turns everyone into a shock or amazement when she says that nature’s laws change over time and it is a conspiracy of the religious institutions to stay in power that the nature’s laws are unchangeable.

One of Grace’s sisters – Ruby works for Black Water, a supplier to CIA and other secret agencies. Ruby has been living in Lahore, Pakistan for the past 4 years and living there she has got familiar with several different local rituals, culture and traditions.

Ruby is a car enthusiast, who living in Pakistan has become familiar and friends with some of the greatest Pakistani car enthusiasts as well, including Sardar Hassan and Suneel Munj. Sardar Hassan is the one and only real brother of the Pakistani National Assembly Member for over 17 years – Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and Suneel Munj is the founder of the PakWheels – the largest and the first online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan. Before PakWheels, there only scattered listings here and there online for car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan but PakWheels revolutionized the industry altogether.

Ruby recently registered a new e-commerce company that only sells furniture and related stuff online all over Pakistan. The Pakistani government gave her the permission to do any business she wants to do online or offline in Pakistan and Ruby is extremely grateful for that. Ruby claims that her e-commerce website is the most responsive website

Ruby knows several people in Pakistan that buy cars cheap online and sell those for double the price just like Steve Chu.

A Masculist political party founded by some online gambler woman is a freaky idea

Pritusha Hayden (name changed) teaches Philology online.

Pritusha has been trying hard to create a political party whose main and principal agenda is Masculism. Pritusha says that she is having a very hard time finding the right and capable people for her political party. She says that Masculists are persecuted so much in the modern society that the capable and intelligent people believe that it is better to stay away from such a political party and they have a misconception that such a political party is going to last for long. Pritusha says that many even think that Pritusha can also be a stooge of the Feminists who will befool and bluff her party members later on.

Pritusha’s unexpected online business success was nothing less than a miracle to her family members. Her family members have no idea that Pritusha gambles online and the funding for her online business comes from top soccer games.

Pritusha is popular in her friends circle for making crazy predictions which sometimes come out to be true. Pritusha claims that most future inventors will be homosexuals. She says that the homosexuals have an impeccable way with science and technology and now when they are free to do what they want to do, they are going to top it.

One of Pritusha’s cousins – Misha, who was born and raised up in India and still lives there has been volunteering hard to make the casinos legal all over India. Misha says that ambitious, passionate and intelligent people have no place in Africa, India or Islamic countries.

One of Pritusha’s Indian cousins – Pooja, has been trying to create a free and open-source blogging management system that claims will give WordPress a run for its money.

Broad-minded kinky couple owns a 24-hour restaurant chain aided by online gambling

Zaina Nicolay (name changed) claims that not a single live call show in the world is real in the current times. Zaina herself used to host one such show.

Zaina’s husband loves to have fun with the high class female escorts, Zaina is a broad-minded woman who doesn’t bother until and unless her husband doesn’t catch any STDs. Zaina’s husband always prefers in-calls over out-calls and that’s what Zaina is against, Zaina says that these pimps cannot be trusted at all and staying at their venues can prove to be fatal. Zaina always asks her husband to invite the escort girls to his own house while Zaina stays at another room but he wouldn’t listen as he feels very guilty, shy and animal-like while he is making love to a prostitute and his wife is watching television in another room.

Once Zaina’s husband got scammed by a stunning girl next door who sold him a used car for 6 times the actual price. Zaina’s husband really has a weak spot for beautiful busty women.

Zaina owns a 24-hour restaurant chain. Zaina claims that most of the business at her restaurant comes through referrals and word of mouth. She says that she has outlasted most of her competition with the help of the financial help provided to her by the winning amount at

Zaina claims that her mother ghostwrote several songs for the popular 80s singer – Russ Ballard. Zaina’s mother’s most favorite song ever was also one by Russ Ballard – “A woman like you”.

Being from musical industry background, Zaina’s mom claims to know several hidden facts about the topmost musicians and she claims perhaps the most popular black singer of his time – Late Howlin’ Wolf was the result of a rape and his mother’s brother killed all the guys that gang-raped her.

Bozenka Dhaneja regrets buying a Volvo XC90 Excellence with the gambling money

Bozenka Dhaneja (name changed) claims that the population of her town has doubled in 5 years since Hyundai started a manufacturing plant in her city.

Bozenka recently bought a Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence with the money that she won with

First, Bozenka found it annoying when all her friends told her that she should have bought an Audi A8 or a Mercedes S Class instead but later she found out that they were right when her Volvo XC90 SUV met an accident due to the overcautious lane assistant in her Volvo vehicle. Bozenka says that lane assistant by Volvo is responsible for a lot more accidents than the other way round.

Bozenka claims that the neurological system of the Japanese men and women is quite different from the people in the rest of the world and that’s why she has now only decided to only buy Lexus, Acura or Infiniti.

Bozenka recently wrote a complete article on her blog claiming that Doug DeMuro is a paid motor journalist and there is a reason why he always criticizes Honda and Acura cars. Bozenka claims that Honda Civic Type R is the most value for money hatchback in the market today and when Doug DeMuro criticized Honda Civic for almost everything, it really made it confirm to Bozenka that he is a paid guy.

Bozenka says that Gazelle live together in groups (herds) but they detest each other and are very sexual (perhaps more than any other related animal) but they don’t make out as much due to starvation. Bozenka says that all pet gazelles who get enough to eat and don’t run around as much are horny all the time.

Tulela Gunton wants to revive the management universities with Ezgame money

Tulela Gunton (name changed) claims that infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape was a staged act by the Indian political party – BJP. Tulela says that as all the convicts are poor and they were all somehow involved in working for one current BJP cabinet minister, it is quite evident that they were all paid by the same BJP cabinet minister to rape someone on the same day in their very bus. Tulela claims that this BJP minister had all his colleagues ready to protest on the very next day, the media guys were paid well to cover all their protests and in 2014, this protest proved to be a great contributor in their win although the Delhi police did an incredible job of catching all the rapists within less than 24 hours, perhaps never seen before anywhere in the world.

Tulela says that the tension between the nation of India and Pakistan is a gift of the United States of America and its allies. Tulela says that the Pentagon guys make friends with the different colonels, generals and other military officials from India and Pakistan and invite them during their holidays to the USA and pay for their tickets, hotels, restaurants and all other expenses along with a briefcase full of dollars to keep the tension between the two nations.

Tulela says that Punjabi songs are really hypnotizing as she knows a woman in her home country who murmurs Punjabi songs all the time and she doesn’t even know the meaning of a single Punjabi word.

Tulela says that she is saving each and every penny that she has been winning with to start her own management school to revive the glory of the management schools and universities and combat the crisis in management schools and universities.

You can miss what you never had, learn from Liv Admoni, a popular online gambler

Liv Admoni (name changed) travels to Mumbai, India a lot for business matters. She is one of the most regular guests of the JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai.

Liv claims that terrorist organizations in Pakistan are funded by the North Korea’s supreme leader – Kim Jong-un.

Liv says that hybrid cars are harming the environment and atmosphere more than the diesel vehicles in a way that is not recognizable by the environmentalists and scientists yet.

Liv says that as in most of the cases, all her hopes are with the Israeli scientists as they are more concerned about the environment and atmosphere than any other nation.

Liv has only been buying Hyundais since they launched the fluidic design. Liv says that Hyundai has evoluted much faster and much better than any other car maker in the world.

Liv recently even launched a website exposing the hybrid electric vehicles calling it one of the biggest rip-off of all times as these vehicles are overpriced, expensive to maintain and harm the atmosphere and environment more than the diesel vehicles.

Liv claims that capitalism is not enriching the lives of the people but rather doing the completely opposite of the same by enslaving them. Liv is totally against the credit cards, loans and almost the entire banking system. The only time she uses her bank account is when she needs to bet online. Liv is one of the best online gamblers and she attributes her online gambling success to blogs like armagh war memorial that taught her tips, tricks and tactics.

Liv’s most favorite song of all time is Miss You by the Rolling Stones.

Liv claims that without industrialization, technology and religions, the world can become a paradise again. Maybe she dedicates the song Miss You to that era only, if that is the case then she is the only person who misses what she never had.

Aryan Chugh is busy making wealth with casino to ultimately fight for the human rights across the globe

Aryan Chugh (name changed) is an Indian who claims that India’s dream of becoming Ram Rajya will always remain a dream as there will not be a country with the name India by 2030. Aryan says that the European Union (EU), Israel, United Kingdom, Russia and United States have carefully deviced a plan to divide the modern day India into 36 different nations and they are bound to succeed ultimately as they have nothing stopping them as nobody is in the position to challenge them.

Aryan claims that all the Indian ministers including the Prime Minister of India are sellouts who are working for the conglomerate that plans to remove India from the map.

Aryan says that the increasing farmers suicide in India is a careful plan of the foreign powers and their stooges working in the Indian government. Aryan says that it is a common knowledge that although India is a software giant today, farming and food industry is still India’s greatest strength and its backbone, if the foreign powers and its stooges sitting in the parliament get successful in destroying the backbone of India, it would become too easy for them to achieve their goal of finishing India.

Aryan claims that Shariah is the worst form of political system. Aryan claims that the Saudi Arabia’s royal family hates the Shariah itself but owing to the pressure of the United States, Saudi Arabia’s rulers are not allowed to remove the Shariah law. Aryan says that United States and its establishment is the greatest deceiver of the modern times, on one hand they act like they are the greatest feminists and human rights activists and on the other they do whatever possible to destroy the human rights (especially those of the women).

When I spoke to Aryan on the phone last time, Aryan told me that he is busy creating wealth with betting on fair go casino which he will use to fight for the human rights.

Army Surgeon’s daughter – Claire Grankina claims that it is in her genes to bet and gamble

Claire Grankina (name changed) has traveled almost all the major secular and democratic countries and she claims that most secular people are in fact pseudo-seculars and the ones from India are the worst of them all. Claire hates hypocrites like Arundhati Roy and others.

Claire hates Arab people and when she saw that video where some kids are tying their father with helium gas balloons which ultimately resulted in the father’s death, she immediately commented beneath the video that someone must tell the Arabs that the only way to reach Jannat (Muslim heaven) is to tie yourself with helium gas balloons and reach there. Claire received both positive and negative reactions on this comment of her with several thumbs up and down.

Claire is an atheist who hates all the religions. Claire says that religious leaders are worst than the most heinous criminals including serial killers, rapists and murderers. Claire says that religious leaders have turned uncountable people into worst of the criminals which includes terrorists, rapists, murderers, prostitutes and pimps and Claire says that some strict restrictions and measures must be taken in order to stop these monsters from making many more monsters.

Claire loves to read and she is a huge fan of one of the engineer, photographer, author and civil servant of British India – John Claude White. She has read all 4 books by him and she says that it is wrongly assumed that his wife – Jessie Georgina Ranken was his distant cousin. Claire claims that John Claude White wasn’t related to Jessie Georgina Ranken in any way and it is a false belief that she was his distant cousin.

Claire’s father was an army surgeon who was quite addicted to gambling, Claire says that it is in her genes to gamble but she does it online on DewaPoker88.

Sonam Sharda doubts that she is an ADHD as she cannot stop thinking and talking about QQ all the time

Sonam Sharda (name changed) is an Indian living in Indonesia for the past 6 years. Sonam doubts that she is an ADHD because she talks and thinks off-topic a lot for example she keeps on talking about QQ online to her friends when she is at work or driving. Sonam’s friends tell her that she cannot stop thinking about QQ online all the time because she keeps winning tons of money with the same. Sonam quite disagrees with her friends and family for the most part of it because she says that when she didn’t ever heard the word QQ online or online gambling, it was the same with her. During her younger years, she kept talking about handsome Indian actors, politicians and other celebrities all the time. When Sonam was in school, she kept thinking and talking about the video games all the time. Nobody is certain whether Sonam is having an Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder yet but one thing is for certain that she is not willing to visit a psychiatrist to get her condition cured.

Sonam has a brother named Rahul who still lives in India. Rahul thinks of himself very highly when it comes to the loyalty and patriotism to his home country – India. Rahul likes to troll the European, American and Japanese car fans on the Youtube comments by replying to them that modern Indian cars are better than their foreign counterparts. He even lies and exaggerates about the glory of the Indian car makes and cars, especially Mahindra and Mahindra. Rahul somehow feels that Tata is not entirely Indian as they don’t even have their own engine and the founders of Tata Motors are of Iranian origin.

Sonam recently enjoyed a trip to Israel’s capital – Jerusalem. After coming back from Jerusalem, Sonam wrote a post on her Blogspot telling about her experience in Jerusalem.

Teca Darby claims that most Indians are materialist contrary to the popular belief that they aren’t but nowhere near as much as herself

Teca Darby (name changed) has traveled the entire Southeast Asia and she was amazed at seeing how most of the rich Pakistanis to this day are tribal chiefs and landlords and 99% of them have never worked in their entire lives. Teca says that they drive or get chauffeured in expensive Toyota Land cruisers or Prados but still many of them don’t even know how to operate the music system in it. Teca was introduced to an infamous TV show host, writer, journalist and producer – Aftab Iqbal there and she says that he is the most boring man that she has ever met. She wrote on her blog after coming back that the guy farts a lot, drinks tons of coffee and has gynecomastia (man boobs aka moobs).

Teca says that she told him to increase his testosterone levels in order to get rid of those moobs but he replied to her that testosterone is a mythical hormone which doesn’t exist in real life. Teca says that no wonder why Pakistan is such a backward and poor country.

Teca says that terrorist looking men were all over the Khyber Pakhtun area of Pakistan. She also says that she saw many so-called Islamic fanatic Pashtuns (Pathans) indulging in homosexual practices on the streets which was gross.

About India, Teca wrote that India’s addiction to the gold jewelry is different than the addiction of the gold-addicts in other countries of the world. Teca wrote that Indians even worship gold, silver, diamond and gems. Teca says that while most Indians are extremely materialistic, a small portion of their population denies everything material, some even commit suicide in auspicious and pure river of Ganges believing that this is a way to reach the heaven or achieve salvation.

When Teca doesn’t feel like working, listening to the music, writing on her blog, or traveling, she is found betting on a TOTO website, Teca has gone completely TOTO nuts since she found a trustworthy TOTO agent (Agen Toto Terpercaya).

You can achieve your mission like Sarah Attenborough if you know what you’re doing, bet on UFA websites to make the magic happen

Sarah Attenborough (name changed) dated a Mexican guy who would throw money like a medieval European would throw the newfound water from the river on the American continent. He bought Sarah a Nissan Altima, a Honda Accord, a Honda CR-V, lots of jewelry and several other valuables. He got the innocent and noble Sarah who was born and raised up in a middle class family so much addicted to the money that she found it hard to live without abundance of money after discovering that this guy was a money lender, drug dealer and also ran a car theft racket. Sarah returned everything back to him after she discovered who this man really was.

Sarah went back to working as a waitress at the Coast Beach Club and Bistro Hua Hin but the salary and tips that she was receiving working there didn’t satiate her anymore, Sarah now needed buckets full of Thai bahts to feel happy and satisfied again. Sarah would look for the ways to make a quick buck on the internet and she finally discovered the secret of several Thai millionaires and now I am making that secret public and it is called – ufabet.

Not to mention that Sarah is now a millionaire and it hasn’t been over a year yet since she discovered ufabet.

The money hasn’t been able to spoil Sarah like most would imagine by now reading the article. Sarah still loves Jesus the Christ and she loves him for almost everything that he did except for proclaiming himself as the son of the god. Sarah sometimes doubts that whether Jesus said the same but her heart always tells her that Jesus really believed that he was the son of the god.

Sarah is now one of the richest persons of the English ancestry and heritage in Thailand and perhaps the richest English woman in all of Hua Hin district.

Agafya is a graduate from the Islamic University and she is notorious for helping students and making money with SGP as well

Agafya Abadie (name changed) is a graduate from the Islamic University of Medina who doesn’t believe in the Islamic eschatology and accuses Pakistan-born and currently a citizen of Malaysia – Dr Javed Ahmad Ghamidi of being a Judeo-Christian agent.

Agafya has accused late Dr Israr Ahmed more than ten times for running a terrorist organization.

Agafya affirms with the notion that the state of Israel and the United States together are behind the Shia and Sunni wars but she rejects the popular belief that the only victor of the Shia and Sunni war will be Israel. Agafya says that the state of America is taking everybody on a long ride and the same state of America will destroy all the Sunni majority Islamic countries and give all their areas to the Iran including Pakistan and Afghanistan. Agafya claims that the United States of America has a very big plan in their mind which will be disclosed at least after 5 years and that too by the experts, the USA will still keep everyone confused.

Agafya is one of the richest women in the city called Newmarket in Ontario, Canada but she still drives used Japanese cars including Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and Honda. The secret behind Agafya’s wealth and success has nothing to do with her education but with her command in the Malay and Mandarin Chinese language. Agafya is one of the legendary winners of the SGP results (hasil keluar sgp) and she is not ashamed to tell anybody about the same but instead she is proud of it.

Although Agafya is not a popular academic or anything but she has a blog dedicated to the students and making studying easier for them. In one of the posts on her blog, Agafya wrote that to make the learning easier for the students – big books must be converted to several little books and that will make studying much more fun, attractive and easier.

She doesn’t need any sort of healing to relieve her stress, she has got those online netroulette casinos

Reagan Lee (name changed) says that she has traveled the world and come to a conclusion that Bedouin people are the smartest people compared to any other sort of tribe or urban people. Reagan says that Bedouin people are trained from the very childhood to survive in any sort of environment, condition or atmosphere. Reagan likes to give the example of the Arabian tribes’s expansion during the Middle Ages. Reagan says that any other backward tribe couldn’t have expanded so fast under Muhammad or anybody else’s vision, the Arabians could manage to shake the whole world just because they were a Bedouin people.

Reagan is a successful businesswoman who has vanquished all the major business rivals in her small industry due to constant innovation and hard-work.

Reagan’s blog is also popular for Reagan’s unusual and strange predictions like she recently made a claim on one of her blog posts that the future belongs to the SEAT and MG cars.

In one of her blog posts, Reagan wrote that the only reason why she is able to make only so much of predictions and money is because she is surrounded by the stupid people everywhere including in her family and at the office and they suck up most of her energy and time.

Once in one of her blog posts, Reagan made a claim that the ancient, middle ages, medieval and even modern day tribal people are always in the constant state of trouble and problems and that’s the core reason why they are still tribal and not able to upgrade themselves. Reagan says that the tribal people have no other option than to relieve their stress through drugs or sex and that’s what keeps them alive.

Reagan’s personal favorite way of relieving stress is playing Netroulette Casino online and she has been successfully relieving her stress this way for the past 5 years or so.

Israeli businesswoman initiated being a Hong Konger with playing live draw pools

Doris Bernal (name changed) is an Ashkenazi Jewish businesswoman who came along with Israeli President – Benjamin Netanyahu to India and decided to settle down in India for a while and set up her business there.

Doris is a dedicated businesswoman and politics is not her field. Doris was never a conspiracy theorist until she started using Twitter and getting to know what her nephew does for a living. Doris claims that people like her nephews get orders from somewhere above to popularize trends like the ones that are meant to create a polarization between the upper and lower castes of India. Doris claims that all the accounts that start a trend against the lower castes of India including dalits, tribal people and other ethnic minorities, Christian and Muslim people look like they are from the upper caste people of India but those accounts are all owned by some Hindi speaking Americans working for companies like FAPCO (name changed).

Now, after living in India for over 11 months, Doris is heading towards a bit more east to the Hongkong and she has already initiated becoming more Hong Konger by playing live draw Hongkong pools. She has won more than she invested yet but she hopes to make millions with Hongkong pools within a year of regular playing the same.

One of the most unusual things about Doris is that she never expresses for her husband by kissing him. Doris says that kissing is a superficial way of expressing the love and whatever is done superficially to increment the love will reduce it instead of increasing the same in the long run.

Agnostic Pakistani-American woman bought a brand new Aston Martin with that FIFA55 money

Reham Haddad (name changed) is a Pakistani-American who used to dream about buying an Aston Martin Vanquish all the time but her dream has become a reality now, all thanks to how to make money blogging. Reham now knows all the tactics that you have never imagined about gambling online and she is really proud of it, she says thanks to Allah all the time whenever she wins a big bet and she wins tons of them, let me tell you.

Reham is an agnostic but encourages Pakistani and Muslim cultural activities in both United States and Pakistan to the ethnic Pakistani-Muslim population. Reham says that the cultural traditions and activities from Pakistan possess great utility.

Reham says that a happy life is the way to a long life. Reham wants to live for as long as she can and as young as she can and hence she watches Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers and Jackie Mason a lot. These guys never fail to tickle Reham’s bones.

Reham’s most favorite tour destination is Cairo, Egypt. She says that Cairo is the most underrated city on the face of the earth, it has an architecture so unique that it cannot be defined in words, it looks just something out of a movie.

Reham claims that the sea of Galilee can never dry, it took god a whole lot of time to design the sea of Galilee and it is one of god’s most favorite things on the earth.

Reham is against the belief of the Muslims that human beings and all the other animals are servants of the god, she is against the month of Ramadan, she is against the Eid-ul-fitar, she is against the circumcision, the Muslim women wearing chadars or niqabs, she is against the polygamy, almost everything that Islam advocates.

She bakes the best sandwiches, makes millions with betting online and dates sweepers

Akshara Roy (name changed) does a lot of shopping online and she returns back over 70% of the clothes and shoes that she orders online.

Akshara doesn’t talk much usually but when she sits down with her cousins, she can chat till infinity. They talk about almost everything together, they talk about boys, sports, movies, shopping.

Akshara claims that she bakes the best sandwiches that you have never eaten.

Akshara’s brother is a weirdo who supplies memes to the meme websites owners. He sells those 15 memes a dollar. He jacks off to earlobe pictures and has regular video calls with the unmarried feminists in hope to get lucky some day. She has no clue how tough those feminists are, they only take him for a ride. Akshara keeps on telling him to stop with his stupid and idiotic ways but he wouldn’t listen. Once a troll sent him fake pictures pretending to be a cougar and took him for a long ride.

Akshara’s brother likes cougars more than the young girls and that’s why he chases them all the time.

Akshara recently dated a guy who told her that he owns a penthouse in the plush Altamount Road of South Mumbai, but as she got to know him more, it turned out that he works as a caretaker at the same penthouse. Akshara didn’t care about the guy’s money or anything, she just hated the fact that she lied to her. She makes millions with her bets on FIFA55 websites and she doesn’t need anybody’s millions to make her happy, just give her a blog like fitjung to read posts on and she is happy.

Peaceful, mindful, rich, strict catholic yet secular – Boh Ronaldo is really one of a kind

Boh Ronaldo (name changed) says that peacefulness and mindfulness are the most underrated qualities in a human being. Boh says that the ancient Hindus and Buddhists placed a lot of emphasis on both and they had some really interesting insights and ideas on how to achieve the state of eternal peace and mindfulness but those really important teachings got overrode by the materialistic people infiltrating the camp of both the religions. Boh says that these overly materialistic stupid people have no idea that spirituality is the pre-requisite to achieve huge wealth. Boh says that most of the materialist people but nonspiritual people that she knows think more about who is to blame and how to blame rather than thinking about the solution to the problem.

Boh’s great-great-grandfather used to be one of the richest men in the country but then the family lost its wealth gradually. Boh is currently the richest member of her entire family. She owns a large chain of Pizza and Pasta restaurants spread across the country that guarantees delivery within 45 minutes. View more to know how Boh became the richest person in her entire family.

Boh is one of the very rare strict catholics who is secular as well. The catholic priests will tell you that catholic religion and secularism don’t go hand-in-hand but nothing is impossible in reality.

Boh has been married thrice, each time to an online and real life gambling addict and that’s one of the secrets behind Boh’s success, no not her marriage to rich men but the gambling skills and knowledge that she got by marrying gambling-minded men.

Boh has very friendly and understanding parents and they never tried to interfere with Boh’s gambling addiction or gambling business interest.

Sport betting has made this amateur historian a fortune and yes you guessed it right who that is

Darius Bowen (name changed) is an amateur historian who claims that Jews, Arabs and Mongols are responsible for most of the problems that we are facing in the modern world. He says that the Jews, Arabs and Mongols did in the sow in the medieval period what we are reaping now.

Darius likes to keep a thick wad just like Italian mafia people do. Darius is no mafia member but he loves the style of Italian mafia people, Italians and Sicilians in general.

One of Darius’s brother who is a very popular social media personality was called a pedophile for marrying a girl half his age, he is 42 and he married a 21 year old. Darius’s brother couldn’t care less but it really destroyed his reputation on the social media.

Darius has been to India several times and he was amazed to see how much Indian girls fall for the Foreign guys, they were all going mad for him and were approaching him like crazy but Darius didn’t give a damn, he was already engaged by that time and he loves his fiance too much to be falling for anyone else.

Darius learnt several new things about India, Indian culture and Indian traditions. He was surprised to know that the Indian parents don’t keep the names of their children but rather the sister of the father does. One guy told Darius a story about a girl whose father told her that he knows a guy from the UK who is interested in marrying her, she was too curious to meet him and after she met him, it turned out that the guy was from Uttarakhand abbreviated as UK but she was curious because she thought that he was from United Kingdom. She had a huge argument with her father after she went back home.

Darius has made a huge fortune multiplying his money with sport betting and he will continue doing the same in the near future.

Extremely lucky man and serial jasapoker winner claims that Vietnam will be the next Southeast Asian tiger

Philip Moran (name changed) recently attracted a lot of negative comments to his blog when he made a post on his blog claiming that 50+ men give birth to better babies. They were all bashing Philip with comments like “Your father must be 100+ when you were born that’s why you are so stupid”. Philip then attracted even more publicity when he replied back with “Adolf Hitler’s father Alois Hitler was 75+ when Adolf was born”. They started accusing Philip of being a Neo-Nazi after that.

One of Philip’s hobbies is reading ancient, medieval and modern history about Asia. Philip says that Vietnamese people have become so strong mentally and emotionally that Vietnam will come out to be the new tiger of Southeast Asia soon enough. Philip says that the Pakistan, India and Thailand have a misconception and they are struggling among themselves to become the next Southeast Asian superpower but Vietnam will beat them all. Philip says that Vietnamese people and Vietnam are strong enough to take over all of Southeast Asia.

Philip says that Uzbekistan used to be a part of the ancient India but then some nomadic tribes came in and took over what is now called Uzbekistan. Out of those tribes, Scythian tribes were the strongest and the most powerful according to Philip and Philip says that these same Scythian tribes also make up half of the Punjabi Jatt population.

Philip is also a student of the politics and according to him, republican polities are the best way to ensure the freedom, independence and good governance to the common people of any country, civilization or culture.

Philip is a very lucky man and the biggest proof of him being unbelievably lucky is that he keeps winning bets on jasapoker all the time.

An amateur historian, an speed-reading expert, now a millionaire as well with her own gambling websites

Tesa Diego (name changed) is an English girl who loves visiting Germany and Spain. She loves to travel abroad a lot and 80% of the times it is either Germany or Spain for her.

Tesa is an amateur historian who claims that misogyny in the Middle-East began with the Book of Genesis and there is no proof of any misogyny before that.

Tesa was raised in poverty and in a home that had hellish atmosphere. Her father was involved in bribery, theft and home invasion and he got arrested and convicted for the same several times.

Tesa folds origami regularly to improve her cognitive capabilities and as it is Christmas season, she is busy day and night folding Christmas special origami with the orphans to whom she donated 50, 000 Sterling Pounds last month.

Tesa is very persistent in no matter what she does and she is confident that her quality of persisting longer than anyone that she knows will make her achieve the goal of owning a hundred million dollar company within no time. She is investing half of the profits that she is making with her online gambling business into her new company that she inaugurated 4 months ago. Click here to know how you too can start your own online gambling business with a very little investment.

Before starting her online gambling business, Tesa used to provide speed-reading courses and she hated it, the income that she made doing that was so meager that she had to catch a bus in order to go anywhere. Today, she drives her dream car – a Cadillac CTS. She got her Cadillac CTS painted in pastel pink to distinguish it from the others and though it looks funny to her friends, she doesn’t care, she likes her car more than any Rolls Royce, Bentley or Lamborghini that is out on the streets and that’s what counts.

She works hard for the money so you better treat her right

Bina Babin (name changed) takes advantage of every rare opportunity that is available to her. Like she got involved in this business that places great importance to early bookings in February of this year.

Bina has been looking for the man of her dreams for a while now, she has been with men of different groups to many dates but didn’t like any of those. For the dates, she dresses up in a way to reveal more than she hides. In other words, she is dressed yet naked on the dates. She eats a lot but still feels hungry all the time. On the dates as well, she eats a lot. Recently, Bina met the same old gentleman that she dated earlier many times before. She likes this old gentleman a lot but because he is too old for her, she is not much interested in him.

Bina has a subreddit and a slack chatroom dedicated to the involuntarily celibate women. She loves being the chief of these incel women. Bina herself is a member of so many different other chatrooms and subreddits dedicated to incel women.

Once Bina dated this guy in his 30s who couldn’t stop watching pornographic and other lewd material on the internet and television. He told Bina that he does the same to increase his testosterone levels. Bina found his theory too stupid and decided to never see the weirdo again, since then Bina never saw him again and neither did he text or call Bina ever again.

When Bina is not handling her business or dating guys, she is either busy gambling online or reading something gambling related on a blog like state champs.

When distressed Pakistani journalist gambled online for the very first time only to win

Rubi Masood (name changed) is a Pakistani journalist who recently exposed that all the Indian and Pakistani media is owned by a couple of European and American countries. She also said that the stupid celebrity headlines and the news about how they shit and how much they shit (analogy) are all paid propaganda. The mainstream media and its owners want to paralyze the common youth in order to stay in power and keep them emotionally numb and stupid.

Rubi also said that the common people of Pakistan are not as bad as depicted by the mainstream media. Of course, after listening to Rubi for a while the media decided to bury her name, her job, everything accusing her of being a Russian agent and dismissing her claims altogether. Of course! The mainstream and popular media wasn’t willing to showcase her until she received a lot of popularity for her disastrous statements in the social media, especially Youtube. She is still making videos exposing what is called “Pakistani Nationalist Media”.

The death threats that Rubi started receiving after exposing the intentions of the Indian-American alliance to divide Pakistan into 8 different nations and enslaving and destroying the Pakistanis forever made her so distressed that for the first time she ended up betting on judi online websites like Lapanganbet, by god’s grace each time she bet, it made her a winner, she saw the god’s message to her in those bets that the god was telling her to keep doing what she was doing and don’t fear anything or anybody.

Rubi says “Until the people of Pakistan don’t wake up, the things will keep going the way they are and soon enough Pakistan will be a history.”