Clock manufacturer started a Punjabi Dhaba chain in the Europe with Sakongkiu money

Zinta Arslan had a lot of Sikh employees at her clock manufacturing company and that’s where she learnt about the Punjabi food and how hard working the Punjabi people are; when last month Zinta won 500, 000 USD with a trusted Sakongkiu agent (agen sakongkiu online), she decided to invest the same money into starting a Punjabi Dhaba chain.

Zinta is very critical of the modern democracy and she says that the politicians should be sent to the forests.

Zinta is a businesswoman and she writes regularly on her blog regarding the same. Zinta claims that the World Trade Organization (WTO) has done more harm than good to the business world. She also says that the import tariffs destroy more businesses than perhaps anything else.

Zinta was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic and she says that she cannot describe in words how nostalgic she got when she arrived at the Prague airport in January of this year.

Zinta has traveled the world and she says that contrary to the popular belief, the people living in so-called peaceful countries are tougher than the ones that live in the countries that are not considered peaceful.

Zinta says that like once almost every engineer coming from a middle-income family in America wanted to work for the Ford, Chrysler or General Motors, today every such engineer wants to work for the Apple or Microsoft.

Zinta recently traveled to the metropolitan cities of India and she was amazed to see that the luxury German cars are more common in the Indian subcontinent than ever before, Zinta was amazed to see that India has roughly over hundred times the number of luxury German cars than all the luxury Japanese cars (example – Accords, Camry, Prado, Land Cruiser) combined although the German cars in India cost over 2.5 times on an average of what they cost in the USA or Germany.

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