Conspiracy theorist hopes to have her own CVT company with her easy-earned bet money

Rosa Dehatan is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the reason why the Judeo-Christian media was criticizing the supreme leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un all day and all night long was because their aim was to first defame Kim Jong-Un then blackmail him with death and other threats. Rosa says that they have succeeded now and the recent meeting between the American President – Donald Trump and the Supreme Leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un is the proof. Rosa says that the government of USA, Pentagon and CIA have made a deal with Kim Jong-Un to combat the progress of the Republic of China. Rosa says that South Korea has already been doing its utmost with the help of the US to combat the Republic of China and she has several proofs to prove the same. Rosa says that the American automobile company – Ford was the one which gave perhaps the most popular company from South Korea – Hyundai, its first break with providing the same with engines and other help that it required to create and sell automobiles. Rosa says that perhaps the second most popular South Korean company – Samsung could only become what it is now with the help that it received from the USA and now the USA will use North Korea as its another base to combat the Republic of China.

Rosa says that Kim Jong-Un is nothing but a stooge of the United States of America now.

Rosa says that she wants to start her own CVT company with the money that she has been winning for quite a while with FIFA55 gambling with the usage and applicability of the tips and tricks that she learnt with top gambling blogs like sport equipment standards

Rosa says that she is very disappointed with the CVT in her Honda, Nissan and Toyota cars and she has tons of ideas with which she can improve the CVT transmissions which she won’t tell anyone but apply within her own company for which she has been collecting money.

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