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Ian Cooper lived in India for a long while and she says that the people and government of India are very proud of their army but they don’t know that it cannot stand any army of the world which is equivalent in size.

Ian believes that the current Prime Minister of India is a puppet of Israel-US-UK-Europe alliance who has been recruited by the alliance as a part of the China containment policy. Ian says that India is constantly getting into conflicts with its neighboring countries so that the American puppet Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi can travel to the Europe or USA to buy some arsenal and spend all the income tax collection of India on buying the arsenal from the western countries. Ian says that is just one part of the agenda created by the Israel-US-UK-Europe alliance, the other part is that India will go on a full-fledged with the Republic of China and before that will boycott the Chinese products altogether.

Ian is a freelance journalist and he has many things to say about several different newspapers of the world. Ian says that the People’s Daily of China is one of the best and unbiased newspapers. Ian says that it is a western propaganda that there is no freedom of speech in the Republic of China, Ian says that no other nation allows as much freedom of speech as the Republic of China.

Ian says that Pakistan’s oldest newspaper Dawn is the only reliable and trustworthy newspaper in the entire nation of Pakistan. Ian always appreciates Dawn News of Pakistan a lot but that doesn’t mean that he appreciates other news channels or newspapers of Pakistan. Ian is very critical of both the leftist and rightist media of Pakistan and whence emotional, he even said “Pakistan doesn’t even have the caliber of naming its press agency on its own. The council of Pakistani Press named their most prominent news agency – Associated Press of Pakistan after America’s Associated Press.”

Unlike most journalists, Ian is a fun-loving guy and he loves to gamble online in the middle of the night. He is also a regular reader of Thai gambling blogs similar to femme de menage bordeaux.

Cosmology and Botany enthusiast – Breina Barre is a businesswoman who started betting online after reading a book

Breina Barre is an amateur cosmologist who also likes to study botany as a hobby. Breina has been learning Urdu, Persian and Arabic for the past few months to understand the Islamic culture, religion, history and evolution better although Breina understands and believes that not much evolution has taken place in the religion of Islam since its dawn back in the 7th century.

Along with being an academic, Breina is a businesswoman. Breina owns a furniture store which is popular for selling stunning bedside tables.

Breina loves to study the world politics, business and more and she has a lot to say about many different things that are happening across the world, are bound to happen or may happen in the near future. Breina says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the automobile industry of the Republic of China takes over 70% of the world’s automobile industry.

Breina claims that she is certain that the aircraft industry of Israel is going to take over that of the United Kingdom within less than 7 years.

Breina’s store used to sell silk bedsheets until about a couple of years ago and Breina says that the quality of the raw silk from Japan is getting constantly higher while that from the Republic of China is getting lower.

Breina says that the people with dual citizenship shouldn’t be allowed to participate in any elections at all.

Breina is very critical of the current government of India and the current Indian Prime Minister. When Modi talks about shining India, Breina always asks what else India has other than rice, wheat, millets, oil seeds, tea and sugarcane.

Breina’s life improved a lot after she completed reading “How to Make Successful Decisions” by Alison Hardingham. Breina loved that Alison Hardingham, the author didn’t hesitate to mention the fact that a lot of what she owns financially, she attributes to gambling and that’s what made Breina gamble online for the first time in her life. Breina recently won 50, 000 US Dollars with FIFA55 betting which she instantly put in her bank account. Breina has been reading gambling blogs too for a while now. Breina’s current most favorite gambling blog is

Lesley Dubois bought a Nissan Armada with that FIFA55 money

Lesley Dubois is a photographer who claims to have seen aliens when he didn’t have a camera with him and his phone’s battery was dead. Lesley claims that he never used to believe that aliens exist before that and this event changed her view that he knows a lot, that was the moment when Lesley realized that he knew almost nothing, that was the moment when Lesley realized that his friends’ opinion that gambling can make someone rich can be possible and that’s the moment when Lesley thought for the first time to bet online. Lesley started reading gambling blogs like col2000 for the very first time then and believe me, just in January of this year, Lesley bought a brand new Nissan Armada with the money that he won with betting on FIFA55 websites.

Lesley says that since the day he saw that alien, he has even started to believe that evolution is just a myth and each and every race of human beings is alien from some other planet living on earth for tens of thousands of years.

Lesley’s mother had a collection of SAAB cars which she sold to the Duran Duran’s Roger Taylor for the price so low that you can’t even imagine.

Lesley recently enjoyed a trip to Japan when everywhere there were rallies against the security and convoy for the Prime Minister. Most common people of Japan want their Prime Minister to drive a K-car himself.

Lesley believes that it requires saint-worthy patience to become successful in every major or minor business in the modern age.

Lesley has traveled in many of the Islamic countries as well and he was amazed to see that many Sunni Muslims believe that the International Court of Justice has been doing injustice to them. Most Sunni Muslims really believe that all justices are sold out.

Clock manufacturer started a Punjabi Dhaba chain in the Europe with Sakongkiu money

Zinta Arslan had a lot of Sikh employees at her clock manufacturing company and that’s where she learnt about the Punjabi food and how hard working the Punjabi people are; when last month Zinta won 500, 000 USD with a trusted Sakongkiu agent (agen sakongkiu online), she decided to invest the same money into starting a Punjabi Dhaba chain.

Zinta is very critical of the modern democracy and she says that the politicians should be sent to the forests.

Zinta is a businesswoman and she writes regularly on her blog regarding the same. Zinta claims that the World Trade Organization (WTO) has done more harm than good to the business world. She also says that the import tariffs destroy more businesses than perhaps anything else.

Zinta was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic and she says that she cannot describe in words how nostalgic she got when she arrived at the Prague airport in January of this year.

Zinta has traveled the world and she says that contrary to the popular belief, the people living in so-called peaceful countries are tougher than the ones that live in the countries that are not considered peaceful.

Zinta says that like once almost every engineer coming from a middle-income family in America wanted to work for the Ford, Chrysler or General Motors, today every such engineer wants to work for the Apple or Microsoft.

Zinta recently traveled to the metropolitan cities of India and she was amazed to see that the luxury German cars are more common in the Indian subcontinent than ever before, Zinta was amazed to see that India has roughly over hundred times the number of luxury German cars than all the luxury Japanese cars (example – Accords, Camry, Prado, Land Cruiser) combined although the German cars in India cost over 2.5 times on an average of what they cost in the USA or Germany.

Lindon is enjoying her new television set completely made of silver that she bought with FIFA55 money

Lindon Droit is the daughter of a very popular astrologer who long ago predicted that the Italian mercury will be the reason for Armageddon. He even claimed that the WW3 will start from Sicily and the one to start it will always be dressed all in black and will have one of the most beautiful women in the world as his wife.

Lindon claims that soon enough the mineral oil aka petroleum aka crude oil won’t be much purposeful because the electronic cars and other technology are going to take over and hence petroleum won’t have much use but that doesn’t mean that the Saudi Arabia will become a bankrupt nation or a nation with meager capital. Lindon predicts that soon enough a technology will come that will raise the value of sand so much that the sand will become like next petroleum or perhaps even more valuable and Saudi Arab is going to find its next goldmine there.

Lindon is a chemist who says that the Russian and South African chromium may be the same chemically but there is day and night different between their quality. Lindon says that Peruvian zinc is no match to the Australian, Canadian or American zinc. Lindon says that Uranium found in Canada is far better quality than anywhere else. Linda says that copper from Chile is the best and shouldn’t even be compared with the copper throughout the rest of the world.

Lindon recently bought a cutlery company and a television set completely made of silver with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling using the tricks and tips that she learnt with cittaslow seferihisar.

Lindon recently enjoyed a trip to Mexico and she became a fan of the fish dishes made there in Mexico, Lindon says that Mexicans make the best fish dishes.

Conspiracy theorist hopes to have her own CVT company with her easy-earned bet money

Rosa Dehatan is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the reason why the Judeo-Christian media was criticizing the supreme leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un all day and all night long was because their aim was to first defame Kim Jong-Un then blackmail him with death and other threats. Rosa says that they have succeeded now and the recent meeting between the American President – Donald Trump and the Supreme Leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un is the proof. Rosa says that the government of USA, Pentagon and CIA have made a deal with Kim Jong-Un to combat the progress of the Republic of China. Rosa says that South Korea has already been doing its utmost with the help of the US to combat the Republic of China and she has several proofs to prove the same. Rosa says that the American automobile company – Ford was the one which gave perhaps the most popular company from South Korea – Hyundai, its first break with providing the same with engines and other help that it required to create and sell automobiles. Rosa says that perhaps the second most popular South Korean company – Samsung could only become what it is now with the help that it received from the USA and now the USA will use North Korea as its another base to combat the Republic of China.

Rosa says that Kim Jong-Un is nothing but a stooge of the United States of America now.

Rosa says that she wants to start her own CVT company with the money that she has been winning for quite a while with FIFA55 gambling with the usage and applicability of the tips and tricks that she learnt with top gambling blogs like sport equipment standards

Rosa says that she is very disappointed with the CVT in her Honda, Nissan and Toyota cars and she has tons of ideas with which she can improve the CVT transmissions which she won’t tell anyone but apply within her own company for which she has been collecting money.

Master Planner Architect relies more on FIFA55 gambling than her full-time business

Didi Jackson (name changed) is a master planner at a very large architectural firm. Didi has two main passions in her life, one of those being handicrafts for which she has won several medals and the other is online gambling with which she has won hundreds of thousands of dollars, thanks to blogs like Omaha parents for multiples.

Didi doesn’t feel shy to admit that she has had relations with several men within her life of 32 years. Didi says that the men with red genitals generally have higher dopamine levels and they are very enthusiastic about life and are great lovers as well.

Didi’s current boyfriend – Frederik is a painter who makes more money than most doctors, he very actively participates in many debates on different topics. Frederik claims that he will be able to beat Ben Shapiro by the end of this year.

Frederik has a lot of interesting things to say, for example, he claims that Isaac Newton was an agnostic but because he feared his life, he publicly always said that God is the real creator of the universe. About Albert Einstein, Frederik says that he got too much flattered by the Jewish media and hence started saying nonsense like the theory of ‘Cosmological Constant’.

Frederik claims that the Egyptian astronomers are very underrated and overlooked but they are the ones who are the most trustworthy and reliable astronomers.

Frederik is very much interested in the cars as well. He says that contrary to the popular belief that rear wheel drive cars are more fun to drive, the exact opposite of the same is true.

Frederik says that he keeps a sharp eye on the personal lives of several different motorsport champions and if we have to believe Frederik, the wife of Jenson Button divorced him because he has huge refractory periods post-sex and he needs at least a week to get it up back again.