Sharon Novakova wishes if Volvo can get back to manufacturing hand-made cars again, she has now got enough money to buy one with the help of a Greek gambling company

Sharon Novakova (name changed) says that her dream is to create a luxury car that will cost only USD 10, 000 to the customers. Sharon is a car enthusiast who says that Toyota can double its sales if it starts making more stylish cars. Sharon loves the Toyotas for their reliability but she says that reliability is not the only thing that a customer looks for while buying a car. Sharon says that Toyota needs to make their cars more joyful to drive, better to look at and with more features.

Sharon sold out both her cars, both Hyundai that she had been driving since 2004 for a new Volvo XC60 and a BMW X6. Sharon also bought a backpack company that specializes in manufacturing anti-theft backpacks, all in the same night. It all happened like a miracle after Sharon won 2 million dollars with a honest Greek betting company (etairiess stoiximatos).

Sharon predicts that the sedans will be completely replaced by the more luxurious, longer and wider crossovers soon enough.

Sharon’s sister – Farah is quite the opposite of Sharon who says that cars are a rip-off and she never bought one in her entire life, she rather travels through Uber, Lyft or Public transport instead. Sharon couldn’t care less about what the opinion of Farah or anybody else is when it comes to the cars, Sharon says that she will remain a car enthusiast until the last day of her life no matter what.

Sharon says that the industrialization is a curse, the sooner the humans realize it the better it would be. Sharon claims that the board members of the Datsun were thinking that after they name their company as Nissan, it will become the Mercedes of Japan, Sharon says that it could have been this way, Sharon even goes to the extent of saying that Nissan could have beat all of the German car-makers if it made hand-made cars. Sharon wishes if Volvo can get back to making hand-made cars again.

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