Ramita Duggal is a Sikh Canadian who has never been to Venice but she loves Venice Foursquare Church

Ramita Duggal (name changed) is a Canadian of Indian origin who has been living in Quebec for the past 7 years. Ramita claims that Quebec will soon become a different nation if the rest of the Canada keeps discriminating against it like it has been for as long as she can remember.

Ramita isn’t a Christian, neither has she ever visited Venice but she can never thank a blog called Venice Foursquare Church enough for the online gambling tips and tricks that it has taught Ramita over time.

Ramita is an amateur political analyst who says that Islamic extremists are just doing what their predecessors did, just the times and the methods of their deeds have changed but their intention has always been the same.

Ramita claims that she knew a guru back in India who was an alchemist as well. She says that this guru could turn the rubber into gold with a mantra.

Ramita sounds like she is high on psychedelics when she claims that the living beings on the planet Venus aren’t visible to the human beings with naked eyes but they can be seen with a tool which the scientists are yet to invent. Ramita says that the living beings that live on Venus also celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries like the modern homo sapiens sapiens by cutting cakes and giving and receiving gifts. Ramita has asked her guru to invent a mantra to see the living beings on the planet Venus.

Ramita claims that the planet Saturn is obsessed with destroying the sun and it believes that it will succeed soon enough but sun is god’s favorite planetand the god might destroy Saturn the moment he gets to know about Saturn’s intentions against the sun.

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