This energetic California girl bought a new mansion in the Lake City, FL with Bitcoin Casino money

Ida Bodek (name changed) used to provide website designing and SEO services out of her office in Louisville, Kentucky until about an year ago, although the business didn’t so much well for Ida, she learnt a lot out of it and one of the things that she learned was that it is better to spend all her money betting on Bitcoin Casino USA¬†and multiply her money than invest it in small businesses, work 100 hours a week and make a meager profit. Do you know what? Ida was right, she recently bought a new mansion at the Lake City in Florida which cost her millions. Ida isn’t even from Florida, she is from California but her mother used to be overly indulged in the Hinduism when Ida was a kid and many different priests at different ISCKON temples predicted that the Lake City is going to be an extremely lucky city for Ida.

Ida’s one and only brother is a vascular surgeon who just cannot get enough of the Chicken soup. He eats chicken soup at least twice a day, due to his addiction to the chicken soup, many people mistake him of being a Jew or half-Chinese. Life has been tough for this brother of Ida as well, but no problem, Ida is there to help all the members of her family, while Ida herself is a hardcore vegan who says that only fools eat meat, she didn’t even hesitate once to give her brother all the money that he required to start a restaurant in Dallas, Texas and a bakery in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ida hates crime-prone big cities and that’s also one of the reasons why she chose to start living in the Lake City, Florida.

Ida is an extraordinarily energetic lady who attributes her energy to sugar-free dates, dried apricots and dried apples.

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