Bengali Graphic Designer claims that Jews are even ahead in online gambling including FIFA55

Srilekha Apsara (name changed) is a Senior Graphic Designer at an animation company in Bengal, India. Srilekha lived in Bangladesh for a couple of years and she has several funny stories to share about Bangladesh. Srilekha says that the buyer is required to sing the Bangladeshi National Anthem at the dealership when taking the delivery of his/her new car in Bangladesh. Srilekha never bought a car in Bangladesh but her closest Bangladeshi friend bought 2 cars and she couldn’t stop laughing her ass off when singing the national anthem at the car dealership.

Srilekha’s brother – Sharad is a Chief Road Tester for a popular Auto Magazine. He told Srilekha that the Ford is envious of General Motors when it comes to supplying for military, FBI and presidential convoy vehicles. Ford doesn’t envy all the other car manufacturers combined as much as it does the General Motors alone.

Srilekha has a very deep-rooted hatred against the politicians and she says that 99.99% of the politicians are under-achievers including the top world leaders.

Srilekha is an atheist but she wishes that she was born to Jewish parents so that she could feel like a chosen one. Srilekha envies both the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews alike. Srilekha says that Jews are far ahead the other races when it comes to gambling as well and fnopl is the proof.

Once when in Gozo, Malta, Srilekha got in a huge argument with a taxi driver whom Srilekha doubted was being racist. Srilekha told him that in India, a typical government officer has a larger personal bungalow than the parliament house of Malta.

Srilekha is an independent women rights activist. Srilekha claims that men who ogle a lot at women are more likely to harass women at the workplace.

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