CIA agent is a gambler whose business reached its zenith after ranking top on Google

Zoe Brodeur (name changed) lived in Pakistan for 3 years when she worked as a CIA agent. Zoe says that the Union Cabinet of Pakistan is overly chatty and deliberately so, in order to deviate the common people from the main topics and issues.

As a history enthusiast, living in Pakistan, Zoe studied and researched a lot of Pakistani history. Zoe found out that men of almost all the martial races from Kashmir to Kanyakumari were employed in the Mughal army. Zoe says that the Khatri warriors in the Mughal army had intelligence along with the valor and courage and that’s what made the Muslim warriors belonging to other races angry.

Zoe resents drug addicts a lot. She started resenting them after she was given a task in Pakistan for spending days with them in the rehab. Zoe resents the Pakistani parents and relatives too as she claims that most of them do their best to humiliate the kids.

About the Talibanis, Zoe says that these guys have hearts as dry as dust, they have sympathy for none and they don’t spare anyone when got a chance.

Zoe went to watch several Pakistani dramas live as well. Zoe found most of the comedians working at Pakistani stage to be boring but the same boring guys think of themselves as some kings of comedy.

Zoe recently started a new business which reached its acme after showing up on the top of the Google for most of the related keywords.

Zoe says that scumbags constitute about a quarter of the human race as they believe that gambling is bad. Zoe has made more money with gambling, especially Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188) than anything else that she has ever done.

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