Black Water agent Ruby Eidelberg is one of the handful of Jews living in Pakistan

Grace Eidelberg (name changed) is a proud owner of an online fraud management company and a company that manufacturers moon roofs for some mainstream automobile companies.

Grace has always been rebellious and she turns everyone into a shock or amazement when she says that nature’s laws change over time and it is a conspiracy of the religious institutions to stay in power that the nature’s laws are unchangeable.

One of Grace’s sisters – Ruby works for Black Water, a supplier to CIA and other secret agencies. Ruby has been living in Lahore, Pakistan for the past 4 years and living there she has got familiar with several different local rituals, culture and traditions.

Ruby is a car enthusiast, who living in Pakistan has become familiar and friends with some of the greatest Pakistani car enthusiasts as well, including Sardar Hassan and Suneel Munj. Sardar Hassan is the one and only real brother of the Pakistani National Assembly Member for over 17 years – Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and Suneel Munj is the founder of the PakWheels – the largest and the first online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan. Before PakWheels, there only scattered listings here and there online for car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan but PakWheels revolutionized the industry altogether.

Ruby recently registered a new e-commerce company that only sells furniture and related stuff online all over Pakistan. The Pakistani government gave her the permission to do any business she wants to do online or offline in Pakistan and Ruby is extremely grateful for that. Ruby claims that her e-commerce website is the most responsive website

Ruby knows several people in Pakistan that buy cars cheap online and sell those for double the price just like Steve Chu.

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