A Masculist political party founded by some online gambler woman is a freaky idea

Pritusha Hayden (name changed) teaches Philology online.

Pritusha has been trying hard to create a political party whose main and principal agenda is Masculism. Pritusha says that she is having a very hard time finding the right and capable people for her political party. She says that Masculists are persecuted so much in the modern society that the capable and intelligent people believe that it is better to stay away from such a political party and they have a misconception that such a political party is going to last for long. Pritusha says that many even think that Pritusha can also be a stooge of the Feminists who will befool and bluff her party members later on.

Pritusha’s unexpected online business success was nothing less than a miracle to her family members. Her family members have no idea that Pritusha gambles online and the funding for her online business comes from top soccer games.

Pritusha is popular in her friends circle for making crazy predictions which sometimes come out to be true. Pritusha claims that most future inventors will be homosexuals. She says that the homosexuals have an impeccable way with science and technology and now when they are free to do what they want to do, they are going to top it.

One of Pritusha’s cousins – Misha, who was born and raised up in India and still lives there has been volunteering hard to make the casinos legal all over India. Misha says that ambitious, passionate and intelligent people have no place in Africa, India or Islamic countries.

One of Pritusha’s Indian cousins – Pooja, has been trying to create a free and open-source blogging management system that claims will give WordPress a run for its money.

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