Ramita Duggal is a Sikh Canadian who has never been to Venice but she loves Venice Foursquare Church

Ramita Duggal (name changed) is a Canadian of Indian origin who has been living in Quebec for the past 7 years. Ramita claims that Quebec will soon become a different nation if the rest of the Canada keeps discriminating against it like it has been for as long as she can remember.

Ramita isn’t a Christian, neither has she ever visited Venice but she can never thank a blog called Venice Foursquare Church enough for the online gambling tips and tricks that it has taught Ramita over time.

Ramita is an amateur political analyst who says that Islamic extremists are just doing what their predecessors did, just the times and the methods of their deeds have changed but their intention has always been the same.

Ramita claims that she knew a guru back in India who was an alchemist as well. She says that this guru could turn the rubber into gold with a mantra.

Ramita sounds like she is high on psychedelics when she claims that the living beings on the planet Venus aren’t visible to the human beings with naked eyes but they can be seen with a tool which the scientists are yet to invent. Ramita says that the living beings that live on Venus also celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries like the modern homo sapiens sapiens by cutting cakes and giving and receiving gifts. Ramita has asked her guru to invent a mantra to see the living beings on the planet Venus.

Ramita claims that the planet Saturn is obsessed with destroying the sun and it believes that it will succeed soon enough but sun is god’s favorite planetand the god might destroy Saturn the moment he gets to know about Saturn’s intentions against the sun.

This wealthy American landlord bought a Bentley Grand Convertible by Mulliner with FIFA55 money

Vanja Adolfson (name changed) is the daughter of a wealthy landlord who owns several ranches and each and every SUV that has ever been available for sale in the US since the late 1990s.

Vanja’s dad has done an extensive study on the origins of the Native Americans also known as Red Indians. He says that the similarities between the Indian goddess of death – Kali and the Native American’s goddess of death – Santa Muerte is a proof more than enough that Native Americans have Indian origins. He also says that if you want to know how the ancient Indians of India lived before they were colonized by the British and invaded by the Mughals, you can know it by looking at the Native Americans as the Native Americans haven’t grown much as they never mingled with any other society than their own for tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of years.

Vanja’s dad recently bought a Bentley Grand Convertible by Mulliner with the money that he won with FIFA55 gambling using the tips and tricks mentioned on a gambling niche blog named California Visit.

Vanja’s dad believes that Federal Republic governments are one of the worst type of governments, he gives the example of what a Federal Government did to once as powerful and progressive nation of Brazil.

Vanja’s dad also claims that kissing publicly in several different parts of the world during the neolithic age used to be punishable by the tribes’ chief people.

Vanja is a painter who is obsessed with wildlife and nature. She gives huge rebates and incentives to her regular clients. She says that one of the major barriers that come across her progress as a painter is that she focuses a lot on the small and not-so-critical tasks than big and important ones.

This energetic California girl bought a new mansion in the Lake City, FL with Bitcoin Casino money

Ida Bodek (name changed) used to provide website designing and SEO services out of her office in Louisville, Kentucky until about an year ago, although the business didn’t so much well for Ida, she learnt a lot out of it and one of the things that she learned was that it is better to spend all her money betting on Bitcoin Casino USA and multiply her money than invest it in small businesses, work 100 hours a week and make a meager profit. Do you know what? Ida was right, she recently bought a new mansion at the Lake City in Florida which cost her millions. Ida isn’t even from Florida, she is from California but her mother used to be overly indulged in the Hinduism when Ida was a kid and many different priests at different ISCKON temples predicted that the Lake City is going to be an extremely lucky city for Ida.

Ida’s one and only brother is a vascular surgeon who just cannot get enough of the Chicken soup. He eats chicken soup at least twice a day, due to his addiction to the chicken soup, many people mistake him of being a Jew or half-Chinese. Life has been tough for this brother of Ida as well, but no problem, Ida is there to help all the members of her family, while Ida herself is a hardcore vegan who says that only fools eat meat, she didn’t even hesitate once to give her brother all the money that he required to start a restaurant in Dallas, Texas and a bakery in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ida hates crime-prone big cities and that’s also one of the reasons why she chose to start living in the Lake City, Florida.

Ida is an extraordinarily energetic lady who attributes her energy to sugar-free dates, dried apricots and dried apples.

Bengali Graphic Designer claims that Jews are even ahead in online gambling including FIFA55

Srilekha Apsara (name changed) is a Senior Graphic Designer at an animation company in Bengal, India. Srilekha lived in Bangladesh for a couple of years and she has several funny stories to share about Bangladesh. Srilekha says that the buyer is required to sing the Bangladeshi National Anthem at the dealership when taking the delivery of his/her new car in Bangladesh. Srilekha never bought a car in Bangladesh but her closest Bangladeshi friend bought 2 cars and she couldn’t stop laughing her ass off when singing the national anthem at the car dealership.

Srilekha’s brother – Sharad is a Chief Road Tester for a popular Auto Magazine. He told Srilekha that the Ford is envious of General Motors when it comes to supplying for military, FBI and presidential convoy vehicles. Ford doesn’t envy all the other car manufacturers combined as much as it does the General Motors alone.

Srilekha has a very deep-rooted hatred against the politicians and she says that 99.99% of the politicians are under-achievers including the top world leaders.

Srilekha is an atheist but she wishes that she was born to Jewish parents so that she could feel like a chosen one. Srilekha envies both the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews alike. Srilekha says that Jews are far ahead the other races when it comes to gambling as well and fnopl is the proof.

Once when in Gozo, Malta, Srilekha got in a huge argument with a taxi driver whom Srilekha doubted was being racist. Srilekha told him that in India, a typical government officer has a larger personal bungalow than the parliament house of Malta.

Srilekha is an independent women rights activist. Srilekha claims that men who ogle a lot at women are more likely to harass women at the workplace.

CIA agent is a gambler whose business reached its zenith after ranking top on Google

Zoe Brodeur (name changed) lived in Pakistan for 3 years when she worked as a CIA agent. Zoe says that the Union Cabinet of Pakistan is overly chatty and deliberately so, in order to deviate the common people from the main topics and issues.

As a history enthusiast, living in Pakistan, Zoe studied and researched a lot of Pakistani history. Zoe found out that men of almost all the martial races from Kashmir to Kanyakumari were employed in the Mughal army. Zoe says that the Khatri warriors in the Mughal army had intelligence along with the valor and courage and that’s what made the Muslim warriors belonging to other races angry.

Zoe resents drug addicts a lot. She started resenting them after she was given a task in Pakistan for spending days with them in the rehab. Zoe resents the Pakistani parents and relatives too as she claims that most of them do their best to humiliate the kids.

About the Talibanis, Zoe says that these guys have hearts as dry as dust, they have sympathy for none and they don’t spare anyone when got a chance.

Zoe went to watch several Pakistani dramas live as well. Zoe found most of the comedians working at Pakistani stage to be boring but the same boring guys think of themselves as some kings of comedy.

Zoe recently started a new business which reached its acme after showing up on the top of the Google for most of the related keywords.

Zoe says that scumbags constitute about a quarter of the human race as they believe that gambling is bad. Zoe has made more money with gambling, especially Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188) than anything else that she has ever done.

Tanya Radford started selling leather boots online with the money she won with bandar bola

Tanya Radford (name changed) is a costume shop owner who recently fulfilled her wildest fantasies with her boyfriend in her own Volvo XC90 recently.

Tanya claims that the researchers have no real life experiences and hence they shouldn’t be trusted.

Tanya recently started selling umbrellas and leather boots online with the money that she won with bandar bola.

Tanya loves cooking and she has several videos of her teaching cooking on the Youtube.

Tanya is a very big fan of the Bollywood actor – Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh Bachchan’s father used to be a poet, Tanya says that Amitabh Bachchan himself sends his father’s poetry to random emails just in order to popularize those.

Tanya says that Skoda doesn’t get a manufacturing plant in the USA because CNN and Fox News spread fake news that Skoda is the most unreliable car make in the world and many Skoda cars have caught fire. Tanya says that the Fox News and CNN are again ready to publish fake news regarding Skoda if they ever plan to set up a manufacturing plant in the USA. Tanya says that these fake news against Skoda are sponsored by its Japanese rivals.

Tanya says that none of Toyota cars is sufficient bang for the buck like they once used to be. Tanya has the same to say about the Honda as well.

Tanya’s ex-sister-in-law is a Belgian loudmouth to whom Tanya’s brother gave child support, alimony and even female bodyguards.

Tanya’s brother says that Russians make up some of the best diplomats due to their diplomats being some of the most beautiful women in the world. Tanya’s brother got introduced to his ex-wife by a Russian beauty as well.

Tanya’s brother is the owner of a spy agency time tested for over 4 decades. He lives a very lucrative but stressful life.

Black Water agent Ruby Eidelberg is one of the handful of Jews living in Pakistan

Grace Eidelberg (name changed) is a proud owner of an online fraud management company and a company that manufacturers moon roofs for some mainstream automobile companies.

Grace has always been rebellious and she turns everyone into a shock or amazement when she says that nature’s laws change over time and it is a conspiracy of the religious institutions to stay in power that the nature’s laws are unchangeable.

One of Grace’s sisters – Ruby works for Black Water, a supplier to CIA and other secret agencies. Ruby has been living in Lahore, Pakistan for the past 4 years and living there she has got familiar with several different local rituals, culture and traditions.

Ruby is a car enthusiast, who living in Pakistan has become familiar and friends with some of the greatest Pakistani car enthusiasts as well, including Sardar Hassan and Suneel Munj. Sardar Hassan is the one and only real brother of the Pakistani National Assembly Member for over 17 years – Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and Suneel Munj is the founder of the PakWheels – the largest and the first online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan. Before PakWheels, there only scattered listings here and there online for car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan but PakWheels revolutionized the industry altogether.

Ruby recently registered a new e-commerce company that only sells furniture and related stuff online all over Pakistan. The Pakistani government gave her the permission to do any business she wants to do online or offline in Pakistan and Ruby is extremely grateful for that. Ruby claims that her e-commerce website is the most responsive website

Ruby knows several people in Pakistan that buy cars cheap online and sell those for double the price just like Steve Chu.

A Masculist political party founded by some online gambler woman is a freaky idea

Pritusha Hayden (name changed) teaches Philology online.

Pritusha has been trying hard to create a political party whose main and principal agenda is Masculism. Pritusha says that she is having a very hard time finding the right and capable people for her political party. She says that Masculists are persecuted so much in the modern society that the capable and intelligent people believe that it is better to stay away from such a political party and they have a misconception that such a political party is going to last for long. Pritusha says that many even think that Pritusha can also be a stooge of the Feminists who will befool and bluff her party members later on.

Pritusha’s unexpected online business success was nothing less than a miracle to her family members. Her family members have no idea that Pritusha gambles online and the funding for her online business comes from top soccer games.

Pritusha is popular in her friends circle for making crazy predictions which sometimes come out to be true. Pritusha claims that most future inventors will be homosexuals. She says that the homosexuals have an impeccable way with science and technology and now when they are free to do what they want to do, they are going to top it.

One of Pritusha’s cousins – Misha, who was born and raised up in India and still lives there has been volunteering hard to make the casinos legal all over India. Misha says that ambitious, passionate and intelligent people have no place in Africa, India or Islamic countries.

One of Pritusha’s Indian cousins – Pooja, has been trying to create a free and open-source blogging management system that claims will give WordPress a run for its money.

Broad-minded kinky couple owns a 24-hour restaurant chain aided by online gambling

Zaina Nicolay (name changed) claims that not a single live call show in the world is real in the current times. Zaina herself used to host one such show.

Zaina’s husband loves to have fun with the high class female escorts, Zaina is a broad-minded woman who doesn’t bother until and unless her husband doesn’t catch any STDs. Zaina’s husband always prefers in-calls over out-calls and that’s what Zaina is against, Zaina says that these pimps cannot be trusted at all and staying at their venues can prove to be fatal. Zaina always asks her husband to invite the escort girls to his own house while Zaina stays at another room but he wouldn’t listen as he feels very guilty, shy and animal-like while he is making love to a prostitute and his wife is watching television in another room.

Once Zaina’s husband got scammed by a stunning girl next door who sold him a used car for 6 times the actual price. Zaina’s husband really has a weak spot for beautiful busty women.

Zaina owns a 24-hour restaurant chain. Zaina claims that most of the business at her restaurant comes through referrals and word of mouth. She says that she has outlasted most of her competition with the help of the financial help provided to her by the winning amount at http://onlinecasinomalaysia.xyz

Zaina claims that her mother ghostwrote several songs for the popular 80s singer – Russ Ballard. Zaina’s mother’s most favorite song ever was also one by Russ Ballard – “A woman like you”.

Being from musical industry background, Zaina’s mom claims to know several hidden facts about the topmost musicians and she claims perhaps the most popular black singer of his time – Late Howlin’ Wolf was the result of a rape and his mother’s brother killed all the guys that gang-raped her.