Tulela Gunton wants to revive the management universities with Ezgame money

Tulela Gunton (name changed) claims that infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape was a staged act by the Indian political party – BJP. Tulela says that as all the convicts are poor and they were all somehow involved in working for one current BJP cabinet minister, it is quite evident that they were all paid by the same BJP cabinet minister to rape someone on the same day in their very bus. Tulela claims that this BJP minister had all his colleagues ready to protest on the very next day, the media guys were paid well to cover all their protests and in 2014, this protest proved to be a great contributor in their win although the Delhi police did an incredible job of catching all the rapists within less than 24 hours, perhaps never seen before anywhere in the world.

Tulela says that the tension between the nation of India and Pakistan is a gift of the United States of America and its allies. Tulela says that the Pentagon guys make friends with the different colonels, generals and other military officials from India and Pakistan and invite them during their holidays to the USA and pay for their tickets, hotels, restaurants and all other expenses along with a briefcase full of dollars to keep the tension between the two nations.

Tulela says that Punjabi songs are really hypnotizing as she knows a woman in her home country who murmurs Punjabi songs all the time and she doesn’t even know the meaning of a single Punjabi word.

Tulela says that she is saving each and every penny that she has been winning with https://www.ezgame88.com/ to start her own management school to revive the glory of the management schools and universities and combat the crisis in management schools and universities.

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