You can miss what you never had, learn from Liv Admoni, a popular online gambler

Liv Admoni (name changed) travels to Mumbai, India a lot for business matters. She is one of the most regular guests of the JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai.

Liv claims that terrorist organizations in Pakistan are funded by the North Korea’s supreme leader – Kim Jong-un.

Liv says that hybrid cars are harming the environment and atmosphere more than the diesel vehicles in a way that is not recognizable by the environmentalists and scientists yet.

Liv says that as in most of the cases, all her hopes are with the Israeli scientists as they are more concerned about the environment and atmosphere than any other nation.

Liv has only been buying Hyundais since they launched the fluidic design. Liv says that Hyundai has evoluted much faster and much better than any other car maker in the world.

Liv recently even launched a website exposing the hybrid electric vehicles calling it one of the biggest rip-off of all times as these vehicles are overpriced, expensive to maintain and harm the atmosphere and environment more than the diesel vehicles.

Liv claims that capitalism is not enriching the lives of the people but rather doing the completely opposite of the same by enslaving them. Liv is totally against the credit cards, loans and almost the entire banking system. The only time she uses her bank account is when she needs to bet online. Liv is one of the best online gamblers and she attributes her online gambling success to blogs likeĀ armagh war memorial that taught her tips, tricks and tactics.

Liv’s most favorite song of all time is Miss You by the Rolling Stones.

Liv claims that without industrialization, technology and religions, the world can become a paradise again. Maybe she dedicates the song Miss You to that era only, if that is the case then she is the only person who misses what she never had.

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