Aryan Chugh is busy making wealth with casino to ultimately fight for the human rights across the globe

Aryan Chugh (name changed) is an Indian who claims that India’s dream of becoming Ram Rajya¬†will always remain a dream as there will not be a country with the name India by 2030. Aryan says that the European Union (EU), Israel, United Kingdom, Russia and United States have carefully deviced a plan to divide the modern day India into 36 different nations and they are bound to succeed ultimately as they have nothing stopping them as nobody is in the position to challenge them.

Aryan claims that all the Indian ministers including the Prime Minister of India are sellouts who are working for the conglomerate that plans to remove India from the map.

Aryan says that the increasing farmers suicide in India is a careful plan of the foreign powers and their stooges working in the Indian government. Aryan says that it is a common knowledge that although India is a software giant today, farming and food industry is still India’s greatest strength and its backbone, if the foreign powers and its stooges sitting in the parliament get successful in destroying the backbone of India, it would become too easy for them to achieve their goal of finishing India.

Aryan claims that Shariah is the worst form of political system. Aryan claims that the Saudi Arabia’s royal family hates the Shariah itself but owing to the pressure of the United States, Saudi Arabia’s rulers are not allowed to remove the Shariah law. Aryan says that United States and its establishment is the greatest deceiver of the modern times, on one hand they act like they are the greatest feminists and human rights activists and on the other they do whatever possible to destroy the human rights (especially those of the women).

When I spoke to Aryan on the phone last time, Aryan told me that he is busy creating wealth with betting on fair go casino which he will use to fight for the human rights.

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