Army Surgeon’s daughter – Claire Grankina claims that it is in her genes to bet and gamble

Claire Grankina (name changed) has traveled almost all the major secular and democratic countries and she claims that most secular people are in fact pseudo-seculars and the ones from India are the worst of them all. Claire hates hypocrites like Arundhati Roy and others.

Claire hates Arab people and when she saw that video where some kids are tying their father with helium gas balloons which ultimately resulted in the father’s death, she immediately commented beneath the video that someone must tell the Arabs that the only way to reach Jannat (Muslim heaven) is to tie yourself with helium gas balloons and reach there. Claire received both positive and negative reactions on this comment of her with several thumbs up and down.

Claire is an atheist who hates all the religions. Claire says that religious leaders are worst than the most heinous criminals including serial killers, rapists and murderers. Claire says that religious leaders have turned uncountable people into worst of the criminals which includes terrorists, rapists, murderers, prostitutes and pimps and Claire says that some strict restrictions and measures must be taken in order to stop these monsters from making many more monsters.

Claire loves to read and she is a huge fan of one of the engineer, photographer, author and civil servant of British India – John Claude White. She has read all 4 books by him and she says that it is wrongly assumed that his wife – Jessie Georgina Ranken was his distant cousin. Claire claims that John Claude White wasn’t related to Jessie Georgina Ranken in any way and it is a false belief that she was his distant cousin.

Claire’s father was an army surgeon who was quite addicted to gambling, Claire says that it is in her genes to gamble but she does it online on DewaPoker88.

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