Sonam Sharda doubts that she is an ADHD as she cannot stop thinking and talking about QQ all the time

Sonam Sharda (name changed) is an Indian living in Indonesia for the past 6 years. Sonam doubts that she is an ADHD because she talks and thinks off-topic a lot for example she keeps on talking about QQ online to her friends when she is at work or driving. Sonam’s friends tell her that she cannot stop thinking about QQ online all the time because she keeps winning tons of money with the same. Sonam quite disagrees with her friends and family for the most part of it because she says that when she didn’t ever heard the word QQ online or online gambling, it was the same with her. During her younger years, she kept talking about handsome Indian actors, politicians and other celebrities all the time. When Sonam was in school, she kept thinking and talking about the video games all the time. Nobody is certain whether Sonam is having an Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder yet but one thing is for certain that she is not willing to visit a psychiatrist to get her condition cured.

Sonam has a brother named Rahul who still lives in India. Rahul thinks of himself very highly when it comes to the loyalty and patriotism to his home country – India. Rahul likes to troll the European, American and Japanese car fans on the Youtube comments by replying to them that modern Indian cars are better than their foreign counterparts. He even lies and exaggerates about the glory of the Indian car makes and cars, especially Mahindra and Mahindra. Rahul somehow feels that Tata is not entirely Indian as they don’t even have their own engine and the founders of Tata Motors are of Iranian origin.

Sonam recently enjoyed a trip to Israel’s capital – Jerusalem. After coming back from Jerusalem, Sonam wrote a post on her Blogspot telling about her experience in Jerusalem.

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