Teca Darby claims that most Indians are materialist contrary to the popular belief that they aren’t but nowhere near as much as herself

Teca Darby (name changed) has traveled the entire Southeast Asia and she was amazed at seeing how most of the rich Pakistanis to this day are tribal chiefs and landlords and 99% of them have never worked in their entire lives. Teca says that they drive or get chauffeured in expensive Toyota Land cruisers or Prados but still many of them don’t even know how to operate the music system in it. Teca was introduced to an infamous TV show host, writer, journalist and producer – Aftab Iqbal there and she says that he is the most boring man that she has ever met. She wrote on her blog after coming back that the guy farts a lot, drinks tons of coffee and has gynecomastia (man boobs aka moobs).

Teca says that she told him to increase his testosterone levels in order to get rid of those moobs but he replied to her that testosterone is a mythical hormone which doesn’t exist in real life. Teca says that no wonder why Pakistan is such a backward and poor country.

Teca says that terrorist looking men were all over the Khyber Pakhtun area of Pakistan. She also says that she saw many so-called Islamic fanatic Pashtuns (Pathans) indulging in homosexual practices on the streets which was gross.

About India, Teca wrote that India’s addiction to the gold jewelry is different than the addiction of the gold-addicts in other countries of the world. Teca wrote that Indians even worship gold, silver, diamond and gems. Teca says that while most Indians are extremely materialistic, a small portion of their population denies everything material, some even commit suicide in auspicious and pure river of Ganges believing that this is a way to reach the heaven or achieve salvation.

When Teca doesn’t feel like working, listening to the music, writing on her blog, or traveling, she is found betting on a TOTO website, Teca has gone completely TOTO nuts since she found a trustworthy TOTO agent (Agen Toto Terpercaya).

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