Agafya is a graduate from the Islamic University and she is notorious for helping students and making money with SGP as well

Agafya Abadie (name changed) is a graduate from the Islamic University of Medina who doesn’t believe in the Islamic eschatology and accuses Pakistan-born and currently a citizen of Malaysia – Dr Javed Ahmad Ghamidi of being a Judeo-Christian agent.

Agafya has accused late Dr Israr Ahmed more than ten times for running a terrorist organization.

Agafya affirms with the notion that the state of Israel and the United States together are behind the Shia and Sunni wars but she rejects the popular belief that the only victor of the Shia and Sunni war will be Israel. Agafya says that the state of America is taking everybody on a long ride and the same state of America will destroy all the Sunni majority Islamic countries and give all their areas to the Iran including Pakistan and Afghanistan. Agafya claims that the United States of America has a very big plan in their mind which will be disclosed at least after 5 years and that too by the experts, the USA will still keep everyone confused.

Agafya is one of the richest women in the city called Newmarket in Ontario, Canada but she still drives used Japanese cars including Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and Honda. The secret behind Agafya’s wealth and success has nothing to do with her education but with her command in the Malay and Mandarin Chinese language. Agafya is one of the legendary winners of the SGP results (hasil keluar sgp) and she is not ashamed to tell anybody about the same but instead she is proud of it.

Although Agafya is not a popular academic or anything but she has a blog dedicated to the students and making studying easier for them. In one of the posts on her blog, Agafya wrote that to make the learning easier for the students – big books must be converted to several little books and that will make studying much more fun, attractive and easier.

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