Bozenka Dhaneja regrets buying a Volvo XC90 Excellence with the gambling money

Bozenka Dhaneja (name changed) claims that the population of her town has doubled in 5 years since Hyundai started a manufacturing plant in her city.

Bozenka recently bought a Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence with the money that she won with

First, Bozenka found it annoying when all her friends told her that she should have bought an Audi A8 or a Mercedes S Class instead but later she found out that they were right when her Volvo XC90 SUV met an accident due to the overcautious lane assistant in her Volvo vehicle. Bozenka says that lane assistant by Volvo is responsible for a lot more accidents than the other way round.

Bozenka claims that the neurological system of the Japanese men and women is quite different from the people in the rest of the world and that’s why she has now only decided to only buy Lexus, Acura or Infiniti.

Bozenka recently wrote a complete article on her blog claiming that Doug DeMuro is a paid motor journalist and there is a reason why he always criticizes Honda and Acura cars. Bozenka claims that Honda Civic Type R is the most value for money hatchback in the market today and when Doug DeMuro criticized Honda Civic for almost everything, it really made it confirm to Bozenka that he is a paid guy.

Bozenka says that Gazelle live together in groups (herds) but they detest each other and are very sexual (perhaps more than any other related animal) but they don’t make out as much due to starvation. Bozenka says that all pet gazelles who get enough to eat and don’t run around as much are horny all the time.

Tulela Gunton wants to revive the management universities with Ezgame money

Tulela Gunton (name changed) claims that infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape was a staged act by the Indian political party – BJP. Tulela says that as all the convicts are poor and they were all somehow involved in working for one current BJP cabinet minister, it is quite evident that they were all paid by the same BJP cabinet minister to rape someone on the same day in their very bus. Tulela claims that this BJP minister had all his colleagues ready to protest on the very next day, the media guys were paid well to cover all their protests and in 2014, this protest proved to be a great contributor in their win although the Delhi police did an incredible job of catching all the rapists within less than 24 hours, perhaps never seen before anywhere in the world.

Tulela says that the tension between the nation of India and Pakistan is a gift of the United States of America and its allies. Tulela says that the Pentagon guys make friends with the different colonels, generals and other military officials from India and Pakistan and invite them during their holidays to the USA and pay for their tickets, hotels, restaurants and all other expenses along with a briefcase full of dollars to keep the tension between the two nations.

Tulela says that Punjabi songs are really hypnotizing as she knows a woman in her home country who murmurs Punjabi songs all the time and she doesn’t even know the meaning of a single Punjabi word.

Tulela says that she is saving each and every penny that she has been winning with to start her own management school to revive the glory of the management schools and universities and combat the crisis in management schools and universities.

You can miss what you never had, learn from Liv Admoni, a popular online gambler

Liv Admoni (name changed) travels to Mumbai, India a lot for business matters. She is one of the most regular guests of the JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai.

Liv claims that terrorist organizations in Pakistan are funded by the North Korea’s supreme leader – Kim Jong-un.

Liv says that hybrid cars are harming the environment and atmosphere more than the diesel vehicles in a way that is not recognizable by the environmentalists and scientists yet.

Liv says that as in most of the cases, all her hopes are with the Israeli scientists as they are more concerned about the environment and atmosphere than any other nation.

Liv has only been buying Hyundais since they launched the fluidic design. Liv says that Hyundai has evoluted much faster and much better than any other car maker in the world.

Liv recently even launched a website exposing the hybrid electric vehicles calling it one of the biggest rip-off of all times as these vehicles are overpriced, expensive to maintain and harm the atmosphere and environment more than the diesel vehicles.

Liv claims that capitalism is not enriching the lives of the people but rather doing the completely opposite of the same by enslaving them. Liv is totally against the credit cards, loans and almost the entire banking system. The only time she uses her bank account is when she needs to bet online. Liv is one of the best online gamblers and she attributes her online gambling success to blogs like armagh war memorial that taught her tips, tricks and tactics.

Liv’s most favorite song of all time is Miss You by the Rolling Stones.

Liv claims that without industrialization, technology and religions, the world can become a paradise again. Maybe she dedicates the song Miss You to that era only, if that is the case then she is the only person who misses what she never had.

Aryan Chugh is busy making wealth with casino to ultimately fight for the human rights across the globe

Aryan Chugh (name changed) is an Indian who claims that India’s dream of becoming Ram Rajya will always remain a dream as there will not be a country with the name India by 2030. Aryan says that the European Union (EU), Israel, United Kingdom, Russia and United States have carefully deviced a plan to divide the modern day India into 36 different nations and they are bound to succeed ultimately as they have nothing stopping them as nobody is in the position to challenge them.

Aryan claims that all the Indian ministers including the Prime Minister of India are sellouts who are working for the conglomerate that plans to remove India from the map.

Aryan says that the increasing farmers suicide in India is a careful plan of the foreign powers and their stooges working in the Indian government. Aryan says that it is a common knowledge that although India is a software giant today, farming and food industry is still India’s greatest strength and its backbone, if the foreign powers and its stooges sitting in the parliament get successful in destroying the backbone of India, it would become too easy for them to achieve their goal of finishing India.

Aryan claims that Shariah is the worst form of political system. Aryan claims that the Saudi Arabia’s royal family hates the Shariah itself but owing to the pressure of the United States, Saudi Arabia’s rulers are not allowed to remove the Shariah law. Aryan says that United States and its establishment is the greatest deceiver of the modern times, on one hand they act like they are the greatest feminists and human rights activists and on the other they do whatever possible to destroy the human rights (especially those of the women).

When I spoke to Aryan on the phone last time, Aryan told me that he is busy creating wealth with betting on fair go casino which he will use to fight for the human rights.

Army Surgeon’s daughter – Claire Grankina claims that it is in her genes to bet and gamble

Claire Grankina (name changed) has traveled almost all the major secular and democratic countries and she claims that most secular people are in fact pseudo-seculars and the ones from India are the worst of them all. Claire hates hypocrites like Arundhati Roy and others.

Claire hates Arab people and when she saw that video where some kids are tying their father with helium gas balloons which ultimately resulted in the father’s death, she immediately commented beneath the video that someone must tell the Arabs that the only way to reach Jannat (Muslim heaven) is to tie yourself with helium gas balloons and reach there. Claire received both positive and negative reactions on this comment of her with several thumbs up and down.

Claire is an atheist who hates all the religions. Claire says that religious leaders are worst than the most heinous criminals including serial killers, rapists and murderers. Claire says that religious leaders have turned uncountable people into worst of the criminals which includes terrorists, rapists, murderers, prostitutes and pimps and Claire says that some strict restrictions and measures must be taken in order to stop these monsters from making many more monsters.

Claire loves to read and she is a huge fan of one of the engineer, photographer, author and civil servant of British India – John Claude White. She has read all 4 books by him and she says that it is wrongly assumed that his wife – Jessie Georgina Ranken was his distant cousin. Claire claims that John Claude White wasn’t related to Jessie Georgina Ranken in any way and it is a false belief that she was his distant cousin.

Claire’s father was an army surgeon who was quite addicted to gambling, Claire says that it is in her genes to gamble but she does it online on DewaPoker88.

Sonam Sharda doubts that she is an ADHD as she cannot stop thinking and talking about QQ all the time

Sonam Sharda (name changed) is an Indian living in Indonesia for the past 6 years. Sonam doubts that she is an ADHD because she talks and thinks off-topic a lot for example she keeps on talking about QQ online to her friends when she is at work or driving. Sonam’s friends tell her that she cannot stop thinking about QQ online all the time because she keeps winning tons of money with the same. Sonam quite disagrees with her friends and family for the most part of it because she says that when she didn’t ever heard the word QQ online or online gambling, it was the same with her. During her younger years, she kept talking about handsome Indian actors, politicians and other celebrities all the time. When Sonam was in school, she kept thinking and talking about the video games all the time. Nobody is certain whether Sonam is having an Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder yet but one thing is for certain that she is not willing to visit a psychiatrist to get her condition cured.

Sonam has a brother named Rahul who still lives in India. Rahul thinks of himself very highly when it comes to the loyalty and patriotism to his home country – India. Rahul likes to troll the European, American and Japanese car fans on the Youtube comments by replying to them that modern Indian cars are better than their foreign counterparts. He even lies and exaggerates about the glory of the Indian car makes and cars, especially Mahindra and Mahindra. Rahul somehow feels that Tata is not entirely Indian as they don’t even have their own engine and the founders of Tata Motors are of Iranian origin.

Sonam recently enjoyed a trip to Israel’s capital – Jerusalem. After coming back from Jerusalem, Sonam wrote a post on her Blogspot telling about her experience in Jerusalem.

Teca Darby claims that most Indians are materialist contrary to the popular belief that they aren’t but nowhere near as much as herself

Teca Darby (name changed) has traveled the entire Southeast Asia and she was amazed at seeing how most of the rich Pakistanis to this day are tribal chiefs and landlords and 99% of them have never worked in their entire lives. Teca says that they drive or get chauffeured in expensive Toyota Land cruisers or Prados but still many of them don’t even know how to operate the music system in it. Teca was introduced to an infamous TV show host, writer, journalist and producer – Aftab Iqbal there and she says that he is the most boring man that she has ever met. She wrote on her blog after coming back that the guy farts a lot, drinks tons of coffee and has gynecomastia (man boobs aka moobs).

Teca says that she told him to increase his testosterone levels in order to get rid of those moobs but he replied to her that testosterone is a mythical hormone which doesn’t exist in real life. Teca says that no wonder why Pakistan is such a backward and poor country.

Teca says that terrorist looking men were all over the Khyber Pakhtun area of Pakistan. She also says that she saw many so-called Islamic fanatic Pashtuns (Pathans) indulging in homosexual practices on the streets which was gross.

About India, Teca wrote that India’s addiction to the gold jewelry is different than the addiction of the gold-addicts in other countries of the world. Teca wrote that Indians even worship gold, silver, diamond and gems. Teca says that while most Indians are extremely materialistic, a small portion of their population denies everything material, some even commit suicide in auspicious and pure river of Ganges believing that this is a way to reach the heaven or achieve salvation.

When Teca doesn’t feel like working, listening to the music, writing on her blog, or traveling, she is found betting on a TOTO website, Teca has gone completely TOTO nuts since she found a trustworthy TOTO agent (Agen Toto Terpercaya).

You can achieve your mission like Sarah Attenborough if you know what you’re doing, bet on UFA websites to make the magic happen

Sarah Attenborough (name changed) dated a Mexican guy who would throw money like a medieval European would throw the newfound water from the river on the American continent. He bought Sarah a Nissan Altima, a Honda Accord, a Honda CR-V, lots of jewelry and several other valuables. He got the innocent and noble Sarah who was born and raised up in a middle class family so much addicted to the money that she found it hard to live without abundance of money after discovering that this guy was a money lender, drug dealer and also ran a car theft racket. Sarah returned everything back to him after she discovered who this man really was.

Sarah went back to working as a waitress at the Coast Beach Club and Bistro Hua Hin but the salary and tips that she was receiving working there didn’t satiate her anymore, Sarah now needed buckets full of Thai bahts to feel happy and satisfied again. Sarah would look for the ways to make a quick buck on the internet and she finally discovered the secret of several Thai millionaires and now I am making that secret public and it is called – ufabet.

Not to mention that Sarah is now a millionaire and it hasn’t been over a year yet since she discovered ufabet.

The money hasn’t been able to spoil Sarah like most would imagine by now reading the article. Sarah still loves Jesus the Christ and she loves him for almost everything that he did except for proclaiming himself as the son of the god. Sarah sometimes doubts that whether Jesus said the same but her heart always tells her that Jesus really believed that he was the son of the god.

Sarah is now one of the richest persons of the English ancestry and heritage in Thailand and perhaps the richest English woman in all of Hua Hin district.

Agafya is a graduate from the Islamic University and she is notorious for helping students and making money with SGP as well

Agafya Abadie (name changed) is a graduate from the Islamic University of Medina who doesn’t believe in the Islamic eschatology and accuses Pakistan-born and currently a citizen of Malaysia – Dr Javed Ahmad Ghamidi of being a Judeo-Christian agent.

Agafya has accused late Dr Israr Ahmed more than ten times for running a terrorist organization.

Agafya affirms with the notion that the state of Israel and the United States together are behind the Shia and Sunni wars but she rejects the popular belief that the only victor of the Shia and Sunni war will be Israel. Agafya says that the state of America is taking everybody on a long ride and the same state of America will destroy all the Sunni majority Islamic countries and give all their areas to the Iran including Pakistan and Afghanistan. Agafya claims that the United States of America has a very big plan in their mind which will be disclosed at least after 5 years and that too by the experts, the USA will still keep everyone confused.

Agafya is one of the richest women in the city called Newmarket in Ontario, Canada but she still drives used Japanese cars including Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and Honda. The secret behind Agafya’s wealth and success has nothing to do with her education but with her command in the Malay and Mandarin Chinese language. Agafya is one of the legendary winners of the SGP results (hasil keluar sgp) and she is not ashamed to tell anybody about the same but instead she is proud of it.

Although Agafya is not a popular academic or anything but she has a blog dedicated to the students and making studying easier for them. In one of the posts on her blog, Agafya wrote that to make the learning easier for the students – big books must be converted to several little books and that will make studying much more fun, attractive and easier.