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Reagan Lee (name changed) says that she has traveled the world and come to a conclusion that Bedouin people are the smartest people compared to any other sort of tribe or urban people. Reagan says that Bedouin people are trained from the very childhood to survive in any sort of environment, condition or atmosphere. Reagan likes to give the example of the Arabian tribes’s expansion during the Middle Ages. Reagan says that any other backward tribe couldn’t have expanded so fast under Muhammad or anybody else’s vision, the Arabians could manage to shake the whole world just because they were a Bedouin people.

Reagan is a successful businesswoman who has vanquished all the major business rivals in her small industry due to constant innovation and hard-work.

Reagan’s blog is also popular for Reagan’s unusual and strange predictions like she recently made a claim on one of her blog posts that the future belongs to the SEAT and MG cars.

In one of her blog posts, Reagan wrote that the only reason why she is able to make only so much of predictions and money is because she is surrounded by the stupid people everywhere including in her family and at the office and they suck up most of her energy and time.

Once in one of her blog posts, Reagan made a claim that the ancient, middle ages, medieval and even modern day tribal people are always in the constant state of trouble and problems and that’s the core reason why they are still tribal and not able to upgrade themselves. Reagan says that the tribal people have no other option than to relieve their stress through drugs or sex and that’s what keeps them alive.

Reagan’s personal favorite way of relieving stress is playing Netroulette Casino online and she has been successfully relieving her stress this way for the past 5 years or so.

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