Israeli businesswoman initiated being a Hong Konger with playing live draw pools

Doris Bernal (name changed) is an Ashkenazi Jewish businesswoman who came along with Israeli President – Benjamin Netanyahu to India and decided to settle down in India for a while and set up her business there.

Doris is a dedicated businesswoman and politics is not her field. Doris was never a conspiracy theorist until she started using Twitter and getting to know what her nephew does for a living. Doris claims that people like her nephews get orders from somewhere above to popularize trends like the ones that are meant to create a polarization between the upper and lower castes of India. Doris claims that all the accounts that start a trend against the lower castes of India including dalits, tribal people and other ethnic minorities, Christian and Muslim people look like they are from the upper caste people of India but those accounts are all owned by some Hindi speaking Americans working for companies like FAPCO (name changed).

Now, after living in India for over 11 months, Doris is heading towards a bit more east to the Hongkong and she has already initiated becoming more Hong Konger by playing live draw Hongkong pools. She has won more than she invested yet but she hopes to make millions with Hongkong pools within a year of regular playing the same.

One of the most unusual things about Doris is that she never expresses for her husband by kissing him. Doris says that kissing is a superficial way of expressing the love and whatever is done superficially to increment the love will reduce it instead of increasing the same in the long run.

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