Agnostic Pakistani-American woman bought a brand new Aston Martin with that FIFA55 money

Reham Haddad (name changed) is a Pakistani-American who used to dream about buying an Aston Martin Vanquish all the time but her dream has become a reality now, all thanks to how to make money blogging. Reham now knows all the tactics that you have never imagined about gambling online and she is really proud of it, she says thanks to Allah all the time whenever she wins a big bet and she wins tons of them, let me tell you.

Reham is an agnostic but encourages Pakistani and Muslim cultural activities in both United States and Pakistan to the ethnic Pakistani-Muslim population. Reham says that the cultural traditions and activities from Pakistan possess great utility.

Reham says that a happy life is the way to a long life. Reham wants to live for as long as she can and as young as she can and hence she watches Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers and Jackie Mason a lot. These guys never fail to tickle Reham’s bones.

Reham’s most favorite tour destination is Cairo, Egypt. She says that Cairo is the most underrated city on the face of the earth, it has an architecture so unique that it cannot be defined in words, it looks just something out of a movie.

Reham claims that the sea of Galilee can never dry, it took god a whole lot of time to design the sea of Galilee and it is one of god’s most favorite things on the earth.

Reham is against the belief of the Muslims that human beings and all the other animals are servants of the god, she is against the month of Ramadan, she is against the Eid-ul-fitar, she is against the circumcision, the Muslim women wearing chadars or niqabs, she is against the polygamy, almost everything that Islam advocates.

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