She bakes the best sandwiches, makes millions with betting online and dates sweepers

Akshara Roy (name changed) does a lot of shopping online and she returns back over 70% of the clothes and shoes that she orders online.

Akshara doesn’t talk much usually but when she sits down with her cousins, she can chat till infinity. They talk about almost everything together, they talk about boys, sports, movies, shopping.

Akshara claims that she bakes the best sandwiches that you have never eaten.

Akshara’s brother is a weirdo who supplies memes to the meme websites owners. He sells those 15 memes a dollar. He jacks off to earlobe pictures and has regular video calls with the unmarried feminists in hope to get lucky some day. She has no clue how tough those feminists are, they only take him for a ride. Akshara keeps on telling him to stop with his stupid and idiotic ways but he wouldn’t listen. Once a troll sent him fake pictures pretending to be a cougar and took him for a long ride.

Akshara’s brother likes cougars more than the young girls and that’s why he chases them all the time.

Akshara recently dated a guy who told her that he owns a penthouse in the plush Altamount Road of South Mumbai, but as she got to know him more, it turned out that he works as a caretaker at the same penthouse. Akshara didn’t care about the guy’s money or anything, she just hated the fact that she lied to her. She makes millions with her bets on FIFA55 websites and she doesn’t need anybody’s millions to make her happy, just give her a blog likeĀ fitjung to read posts on and she is happy.

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