Sport betting has made this amateur historian a fortune and yes you guessed it right who that is

Darius Bowen (name changed) is an amateur historian who claims that Jews, Arabs and Mongols are responsible for most of the problems that we are facing in the modern world. He says that the Jews, Arabs and Mongols did in the sow in the medieval period what we are reaping now.

Darius likes to keep a thick wad just like Italian mafia people do. Darius is no mafia member but he loves the style of Italian mafia people, Italians and Sicilians in general.

One of Darius’s brother who is a very popular social media personality was called a pedophile for marrying a girl half his age, he is 42 and he married a 21 year old. Darius’s brother couldn’t care less but it really destroyed his reputation on the social media.

Darius has been to India several times and he was amazed to see how much Indian girls fall for the Foreign guys, they were all going mad for him and were approaching him like crazy but Darius didn’t give a damn, he was already engaged by that time and he loves his fiance too much to be falling for anyone else.

Darius learnt several new things about India, Indian culture and Indian traditions. He was surprised to know that the Indian parents don’t keep the names of their children but rather the sister of the father does. One guy told Darius a story about a girl whose father told her that he knows a guy from the UK who is interested in marrying her, she was too curious to meet him and after she met him, it turned out that the guy was from Uttarakhand abbreviated as UK but she was curious because she thought that he was from United Kingdom. She had a huge argument with her father after she went back home.

Darius has made a huge fortune multiplying his money with sport betting and he will continue doing the same in the near future.

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