Peaceful, mindful, rich, strict catholic yet secular – Boh Ronaldo is really one of a kind

Boh Ronaldo (name changed) says that peacefulness and mindfulness are the most underrated qualities in a human being. Boh says that the ancient Hindus and Buddhists placed a lot of emphasis on both and they had some really interesting insights and ideas on how to achieve the state of eternal peace and mindfulness but those really important teachings got overrode by the materialistic people infiltrating the camp of both the religions. Boh says that these overly materialistic stupid people have no idea that spirituality is the pre-requisite to achieve huge wealth. Boh says that most of the materialist people but nonspiritual people that she knows think more about who is to blame and how to blame rather than thinking about the solution to the problem.

Boh’s great-great-grandfather used to be one of the richest men in the country but then the family lost its wealth gradually. Boh is currently the richest member of her entire family. She owns a large chain of Pizza and Pasta restaurants spread across the country that guarantees delivery within 45 minutes. View more to know how Boh became the richest person in her entire family.

Boh is one of the very rare strict catholics who is secular as well. The catholic priests will tell you that catholic religion and secularism don’t go hand-in-hand but nothing is impossible in reality.

Boh has been married thrice, each time to an online and real life gambling addict and that’s one of the secrets behind Boh’s success, no not her marriage to rich men but the gambling skills and knowledge that she got by marrying gambling-minded men.

Boh has very friendly and understanding parents and they never tried to interfere with Boh’s gambling addiction or gambling business interest.

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