Extremely lucky man and serial jasapoker winner claims that Vietnam will be the next Southeast Asian tiger

Philip Moran (name changed) recently attracted a lot of negative comments to his blog when he made a post on his blog claiming that 50+ men give birth to better babies. They were all bashing Philip with comments like “Your father must be 100+ when you were born that’s why you are so stupid”. Philip then attracted even more publicity when he replied back with “Adolf Hitler’s father Alois Hitler was 75+ when Adolf was born”. They started accusing Philip of being a Neo-Nazi after that.

One of Philip’s hobbies is reading ancient, medieval and modern history about Asia. Philip says that Vietnamese people have become so strong mentally and emotionally that Vietnam will come out to be the new tiger of Southeast Asia soon enough. Philip says that the Pakistan, India and Thailand have a misconception and they are struggling among themselves to become the next Southeast Asian superpower but Vietnam will beat them all. Philip says that Vietnamese people and Vietnam are strong enough to take over all of Southeast Asia.

Philip says that Uzbekistan used to be a part of the ancient India but then some nomadic tribes came in and took over what is now called Uzbekistan. Out of those tribes, Scythian tribes were the strongest and the most powerful according to Philip and Philip says that these same Scythian tribes also make up half of the Punjabi Jatt population.

Philip is also a student of the politics and according to him, republican polities are the best way to ensure the freedom, independence and good governance to the common people of any country, civilization or culture.

Philip is a very lucky man and the biggest proof of him being unbelievably lucky is that he keeps winning bets on jasapoker all the time.

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