An amateur historian, an speed-reading expert, now a millionaire as well with her own gambling websites

Tesa Diego (name changed) is an English girl who loves visiting Germany and Spain. She loves to travel abroad a lot and 80% of the times it is either Germany or Spain for her.

Tesa is an amateur historian who claims that misogyny in the Middle-East began with the Book of Genesis and there is no proof of any misogyny before that.

Tesa was raised in poverty and in a home that had hellish atmosphere. Her father was involved in bribery, theft and home invasion and he got arrested and convicted for the same several times.

Tesa folds origami regularly to improve her cognitive capabilities and as it is Christmas season, she is busy day and night folding Christmas special origami with the orphans to whom she donated 50, 000 Sterling Pounds last month.

Tesa is very persistent in no matter what she does and she is confident that her quality of persisting longer than anyone that she knows will make her achieve the goal of owning a hundred million dollar company within no time. She is investing half of the profits that she is making with her online gambling business into her new company that she inaugurated 4 months ago. Click here to know how you too can start your own online gambling business with a very little investment.

Before starting her online gambling business, Tesa used to provide speed-reading courses and she hated it, the income that she made doing that was so meager that she had to catch a bus in order to go anywhere. Today, she drives her dream car – a Cadillac CTS. She got her Cadillac CTS painted in pastel pink to distinguish it from the others and though it looks funny to her friends, she doesn’t care, she likes her car more than any Rolls Royce, Bentley or Lamborghini that is out on the streets and that’s what counts.

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