She works hard for the money so you better treat her right

Bina Babin (name changed) takes advantage of every rare opportunity that is available to her. Like she got involved in this business that places great importance to early bookings in February of this year.

Bina has been looking for the man of her dreams for a while now, she has been with men of different groups to many dates but didn’t like any of those. For the dates, she dresses up in a way to reveal more than she hides. In other words, she is dressed yet naked on the dates. She eats a lot but still feels hungry all the time. On the dates as well, she eats a lot. Recently, Bina met the same old gentleman that she dated earlier many times before. She likes this old gentleman a lot but because he is too old for her, she is not much interested in him.

Bina has a subreddit and a slack chatroom dedicated to the involuntarily celibate women. She loves being the chief of these incel women. Bina herself is a member of so many different other chatrooms and subreddits dedicated to incel women.

Once Bina dated this guy in his 30s who couldn’t stop watching pornographic and other lewd material on the internet and television. He told Bina that he does the same to increase his testosterone levels. Bina found his theory too stupid and decided to never see the weirdo again, since then Bina never saw him again and neither did he text or call Bina ever again.

When Bina is not handling her business or dating guys, she is either busy gambling online or reading something gambling related on a blog likeĀ state champs.

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