When distressed Pakistani journalist gambled online for the very first time only to win

Rubi Masood (name changed) is a Pakistani journalist who recently exposed that all the Indian and Pakistani media is owned by a couple of European and American countries. She also said that the stupid celebrity headlines and the news about how they shit and how much they shit (analogy) are all paid propaganda. The mainstream media and its owners want to paralyze the common youth in order to stay in power and keep them emotionally numb and stupid.

Rubi also said that the common people of Pakistan are not as bad as depicted by the mainstream media. Of course, after listening to Rubi for a while the media decided to bury her name, her job, everything accusing her of being a Russian agent and dismissing her claims altogether. Of course! The mainstream and popular media wasn’t willing to showcase her until she received a lot of popularity for her disastrous statements in the social media, especially Youtube. She is still making videos exposing what is called “Pakistani Nationalist Media”.

The death threats that Rubi started receiving after exposing the intentions of the Indian-American alliance to divide Pakistan into 8 different nations and enslaving and destroying the Pakistanis forever made her so distressed that for the first time she ended up betting on judi online websites like Lapanganbet, by god’s grace each time she bet, it made her a winner, she saw the god’s message to her in those bets that the god was telling her to keep doing what she was doing and don’t fear anything or anybody.

Rubi says “Until the people of Pakistan don’t wake up, the things will keep going the way they are and soon enough Pakistan will be a history.”

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