Ancient warriors were better off fighting with their bare arms than with swords – Gentille Bonnet

Gentille Bonnet (name changed) loves to read a lot of ancient and medieval history. It doesn’t matter to her which country’s history she is reading, it just has to be history and that’s all. Gentille has made some pretty new observations throughout her history reading activity like she claims that Gandharvas as in Hinduism were the ancient Roma people and the Hindus used to call them Gandharvas. She says that the description of the Gandharvas absolutely matches that of the Roma people, their horses, their musical instruments, their habit of not staying at any fixed location for more than a while, their freedom, everything smells Roma.

Gentille hates going to religious feasts and festivals but she cannot afford to ignore the invitations to those. Gentille’s all time favorite book is ‘Far More Precious than Jewels’ by Katheryn Darr.

Another observation that Gentille claims to have made is that the ancient warriors used to fight better with their bare hands and arms than the arsenal built in that period. She says that they used to fight with the swords, bows and arrows is not entirely mythical but an exaggerated fact. She claims that the fighting tools or arsenal whatever word you prefer of those times were so low quality and inaccurate that the tribes that used to fight using those were guaranteed a loss in the battle, hence the trend of Kung Fu, Pehalwani, Martial Arts, etc took birth. The ancient people knew that they would be better off

Gentille loves to gamble online on Thai websites, her favorite style of gambling is FIFA55 and she cannot refrain from her hobby of reading even when it comes to gambling, she loves to read and study different gambling blogs, her most favorite of all time is the invisible string.

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