Enjoyed a trip to the urban and rural areas of Hindustan with FIFA55 money

Siv Turid (name changed) claims that she knows some secrets about Richard Nixon which she has never told to anybody. Only god knows what it is. If you ask me, Siv is doing it merely for the attention and she doesn’t have any such secrets at all.

Siv recently enjoyed a trip to India with the money she won betting on FIFA55 websites. Siv was shocked to see how the Indians think of getting an average paying IT job and giving birth to 2 kids as the greatest success in life.

The funniest thing that Siv observed while in India was that the urban people there are nothing but wannabe Americans. They try to talk in British or American accents and they look stupid while doing so. They don’t have any idea why they have girlfriends or boyfriends, they just try to copy the westerners all the time and the rural Indians are worst, they are still living in 500 BCE, some are praying to the monkey gods, some to the money gods, some to fake gurus like Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh or Sant Rampal, India is a horrible place and you gotta stay away from it, warns Siv Turid.

Siv made some other observations in India as well. She observed how there is a lack of competition among several major industries in India. She noticed that the local car manufacturers of India – Tata and Mahindra don’t even bother to send their cars for a safety check. They don’t care about the lavish and fine details in their cars either. Tata and Mahindra cars are responsible for more deaths in India than any other brand’s cars.

Siv spent most of his time in India reading posts onĀ tadafumisato.

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