Trendsetter sister and celibate brother love to gamble online

Janis Brindel (name changed) undertakes only major tasks now, she doesn’t waste her time with petty and insignificant tasks anymore. Janis never follows a trend, not because of her arrogance or to look different but because she is more stylish than the most stylish people you have ever come across and she is a total trendsetter, first they make fun of her to dress up in her own unique way, second their subconscious brain force them to dress like her too and third, it became impossible for them to resist the temptation for dressing like Janis Brindel.

To make one of her clothing brand popular, Janis created several memes in sympathy for the infamous Columbine School Mass Shooters – Eric and Dylan and made them viral in order to popularize her clothing brand. All the memes had the name of her clothing brand written beneath the meme but instead of the brand becoming popular in a positive way, it became popular in a negative way which made Janis to shut down that brand of her.

Janis’ one and only brother – Rafael used to be a hardcore wanker in the school, all his classmates used to call him rosy palms and stuff like that and whenever his parents or Janis would check his PC, they would find pornographic movies and images in the history all over and if his mother ever checked his room for the purpose of cleaning, there were pornographic DVDs and VCDs all over.

You will not believe that Rafael has become a celibate since he turned 26. He doesn’t watch any pornographic material, he doesn’t look at women lustfully or even think about them.

Both Janis and Rafael have an obsession with FIFA55 gambling and they gamble like there is no tomorrow. Some days they even bet for like 50, 000 USD. Both love reading gambling related blogs likeĀ rungpiti kennel and both are becoming richer with gambling everyday.

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