This wealthy and respected Gozo family loves to gamble both online and in the real world

Tara Oberlin (name changed) observes some of the most comical, funny and humorous stuff, and she is popular among her friends and relatives for her comic observations.

According to Tara – “The whole transgender debate is a bit of a oof, if you transition to another gender I don’t care, whatever you are born as is what I refer to you as. Transgenders have the highest suicide rate, they are emotionally unbalanced and unfit to serve.”

Tara’s great-grandfather made the village of Kercem, Gozo, Malta what it is today. He was one of the wealthiest men in all of Malta and Gozo almost all throughout his life and Tara’s family is still one of the wealthiest in all of Gozo. Not to mention that they are multi-millionaires. Tara and about half of her family loves to bet their wealth in the casinos of Malta and they like to gamble online as well. Tara does a lot of gambling related reading and her favorite gambling related blog isĀ skate dress warehouse.

Tara already speaks Maltese, Italian, English and Thai. She tried to learn the Hindi language but all she learnt was ‘Babaji ka Ghanta’.

Tara’s sister – Petra is a loner since time unknown but she is a very creative music composer. Petra is a photographer, short movie director, animator and writer as well. Petra doesn’t regret being a loner and she says that most of the creative people she ever met were loners. Petra started learning Mandarin Chinese language at the age of 11 and she learnt it successfully by the age of 15, she has a great memory as well.

There has never been any sort of sibling rivalry between Tara and Petra even though they are both very different. Perhaps, them both being so different is the reason why they never had any sort of sibling rivalry, they love each other so much, especially Tara.

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