Apatheist American-Muslim girl has tons of Mormon friends but she never tells them about her love for betting

Ameena Saigol (name changed) claims that Muslim scholars and Prophet Muhammad himself copied everything from Judaism and Christianity. Ameena Saigol agrees with Tarek Fatah when he says that Islam is Judaism in disguise.

Ameena was born into a Muslim family but she is an Aphateist herself. Although Ameena is not sure whether god exists or not and she doesn’t care about it at all but she is certain about one thing and that one thing is that Islam is fake.

Ameena has several Mormon friends. Ameena’s Mormon friends have 2 hour church starting January. The Elder’s Quorum and High Priests are combined.

This is what Ameena’s Mormon friends tell her “If someone’s work is facing barriers and if someone’s work is being hastened, it is the god who is doing so. The Quorom of the 12 have said those changes are nothing compared to what’s coming. In our general conferences, our prophet and our advisers speak to us. It happens twice a year. The recent one had huge changes.”

One of Ameena’s very good friends whose name is Rodney, asked Ameena to look in the Doctrine & Covenants (collections of revelation from Joseph Smith). Rodney said “The lord tells him not to because the enemy can edit those lost pages and release them the same time as the Book of Mormon, artificially discrediting it. Satan would win. The world would never know the Gospel.”

Ameena listens to her Mormon friends for the entertainment, she enjoys gambling online a lot and she never tells about the same to any of her Mormon friends. Recently, Ameena won a huge amount betting with a FIFA55 website, thanks to the most accurate gambling blog aka pro edelstar.

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