Started from the bottom now she is here

Torunn Hilde (name changed) keeps breaking glasses all the time by accident, she has this strange enmity with the glasses that she cannot describe herself.

Torunn always has her laptop on, her business has nothing to do with the computers or the internet but she has it on always because she loves to play the game of Starbound, when she is not playing Starbound on her laptop, she is betting on FIFA55 or reading the latest blog post onĀ pneumatic group.

Torunn is not religious but she believes that the media has been conspiring against the nuns, pastors, and other religious people for decades in order to turn people into sex addict atheists.

Torunn’s father was a pessimist alcoholic who told her while she was growing up all the time that security is everything. He would tell her that only idiots work hard in a hope to get rich and successful one day, and the ones who are rich and claim that they got rich by working hard are all liars, their success was either tribal or they just got lucky.

Torunn still has that pessimism imprinted on her brain somewhere.

Torunn lovesĀ Salted Caramel Apple and Pear Pie. She had a phenomenal career as a Youtuber. All the visitors would watch her videos just to have a look of her marvelous body. She has the body of Athena. Torunn has a wonderful smile that is unique for me and several others, other people fake smile but Torunn doesn’t have to do that, she has this smile on her face naturally, all the time, she is so positive and her positivity is what made her so successful in life.

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