Indian woman apparel store owner in Lansing wants to have a nationwide presence

Audny Liu (name changed) owns an Indian women apparel store that offers a full range of products including but not limited to blouse, dress, kurta, saree, jacket. Her store even provides tailor services. Audny only has one store currently in Lansing, Michigan. Audny’s first short-term goal is to have stores all over the state of Michigan which she aims to complete by the end of the year 2019 and her long-term goal is to have stores all over the United States. She is currently negotiating with a Downtown, Detroit landowner. It was her childhood dream to have a store in Downtown, Detroit which is about to become a reality, the only difference is that she wanted to own the place but she cannot afford to own it presently, she is about to lease it.

Audny cannot wait to have that nationwide presence and she has been making some crazy moves to get the funds needed. She places bets regularly on FIFA55 gambling websites and turns up a winner 66 out of 100 times on an average. Audny is also a regular reader of gambling blogs like jump in hostel.

Audny has developed a very interactive website for her apparel store which is second to none. Audny has been working very smartly to make her stores a hit. The store that she already has established in the Lansing city is located at a very smart place, it is between several banks and ATMs which brings her store a lot more consumers than they would have if the location hadn’t been so smartly chosen.

Audny’s brother – Peter is a pretty successful businessman with interests in retail, SME and agriculture businesses. His company has been growing strength to strength with the big boys in the business. Audny never asked Peter for any financial help or advice. She has a big self-esteem indeed.

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