Maserati owns a Polo but test drives the likes of Maserati to stay motivated

Maserati White (name changed) suspects that her neighbor is a carjacker. This neighbor of Maserati is a mechanic but he is extremely passionate and ambitious about creating his own car manufacturing company one day. Maserati suspects that he has been collecting money to create his own car manufacturing company by selling stolen cars.

Maserati herself is a very ambitious lady who listens to motivational audio-books instead of music on her commute from home to office and office to home. Maserati’s boss is a horny idiot who cannot stop flirting with the female staff working at his office. Maserati hates him for that but she doesn’t have any other job offers on the table and none of her business plans have been successful yet. Maserati has a great persisting-power and no matter what, she is not going to give up on her business dreams. She is very positive, focused and forward-oriented.

Maserati does several things to keep herself motivated, one of those things is test driving expensive cars. Maserati drives a Volkswagen Polo currently but she keeps test driving luxurious German, Swedish, British and Italian cars to help herself stay unstoppable.

On this Monday morning while Maserati was having her usual small breakfast before going to the office and watching random luxury car review videos that were popping up on the Youtube, she came across one of the stupidest car review videos ever – a popular Indian-Muslim car reviewer named Faisal Khan was going on a fast drive with his girlfriend in an Audi RS5, the video was titled “She gave me the beans”. Maserati clicked on the video hoping that there will be some review of some sort but this couple was just driving in a car like idiots and making a video out of it, saying nothing, doing nothing but moving the steering. Quite awful!

Maserati keeps betting on several different online gambling websites and buying lottery tickets in a hope of winning big millions one day. Maserati has been quite lucky yet with the gambling and lottery scene yet, she wins 3 out of every 5 bets while gambling and her lottery tickets adventure too has been quite profitable, but she is scared to play it big because she doesn’t have any savings or a rich uncle to back herself if she screws it all up. Maserati is a regular reader of gambling related blogs likeĀ gbfarmequipment.

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