Scientist who invented counter-terrorism gadget loves to play FIFA55 in spare time

Lila Chaput (name changed) has her own philosophy when it comes to god, nature, consciousness and stuff like that. Lila rejects agnosticism and she says that the whole universe is one (we are all related), life is energy and we are all different forms of energy.

According to Lila, Indian mystic and author OSHO also known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s book ‘From Sex to Super-consciousness’ is utter broscience. “There is no way to back up what he wrote in his book. If you practice what he preaches seriously, you might end up with getting a prostate or testicular cancer. If you want to know what having prostate or testicular cancer feels like then for sure you go ahead with his teachings”, said Lila Chaput to me when I asked her why is she so against Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Lila Chaput has been experimenting with different magical genres for the past couple of months. She was tremendously excited and amazed when she discovered about ‘chaos magic’. On her first day of performing chaos magic rituals, she got inappropriately dressed up in skimpy clothes and wondered why the magic was not working.

When I asked her “Don’t you feel that magic is a broscience too?” She got furious and in a very loud voice said “NO! Magic is not a broscience. People from all over the world belonging to different cultures, tribes and races have been performing magic for thousands and thousands of years and it works.”

Lila’s brother – Christian is a scientist whose latest prominent invention is a gadget that helps in recognizing a terrorist. Christian’s favorite hobby is gambling online and his favorite online gambling game is FIFA55 which he discovered through fix it center.

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