Mother and Daughter on Furla and Fendi shopping spree since winning 500k USD

Daevy Angel (name changed) is a Wyoming born, New York raised woman who claims that she can recognize a wanker by his shoulders and decayed head. Daevy has rejected several of her daughters’ boyfriends because they were hardcore wankers according to Daevy. Daevy’s daughter Kelly hated her mother for that but when Daevy asked Kelly if she ever had a physical relationship with those guys, Kelly said ‘No’ and then Daevy replied “How would you know then? Try to have some fun with these guys and see if they do not have an erectile dysfunction already.”

Kelly listened to her mother’s advice and started calling her ex-boyfriends the same day and two of them replied her back. Kelly fixed a date with one of those who Kelly was sure can get it up. Kelly’s main purpose was to prove her mother wrong which she couldn’t. Kelly found out later that night her mother was right and the dude couldn’t get it up after trying so much. He drank 5 Red Bulls hoping that it would be able to get him up only to fail and get embarrassed. Kelly made so much fun of him, his face became red like a tomato with embarrassment.

Daevy only surrounds herself with people whom she can grow up with. She always wants to become psychologically better, intellectually sharper and emotionally stronger.

Daevy believes that parenting must be licensed. Furla and Fendi are Daevy and Kelly’s most favorite brands and they have been on a shopping spree since the mother and daughter duo won 500, 000 USD betting on FIFA55 websites. They got to know about FIFA55 from a blog post onĀ domaine des ormes.

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