British-Indian woman replaced friendly bingo games with FIFA55 online

Vaibhavi Kriplani (name changed) is a British-Indian woman of Sindhi origin. Vaibhavi’s parents send tens of thousands of British Pounds each year as donations to the largest Indian political party – Bharatiya Janata Party. They promote the cause of Hindutva and are willing to send everything that they own to the person who can guarantee them ‘Ram Raj’ in India.

Whenever Vaibhavi asks her parents why they moved to India, they always give the same answer that the popular motivational speaker and author, the man, the myth, the legend aka Mr. Brian Tracy likes to give. They tell her “Imagine an old Volkswagen van being driven on a clean road on one side and a new Mercedes Benz being driven on a road that is full of potholes, bumps and stones everywhere on the road and they are both trying to reach their destination which is 10 miles away, who will reach faster?”

They believe that it is a lot easier to make money in America than in India.

Vaibhavi learnt web designing in the midst of last year but didn’t apply her newfound knowledge till August of this year anywhere. She created one unique website for her Indian ethnic wear boutique store in Slough. Her business’s name is Kriplani’s Indian Wear. It took her 2 months of extremely hard work to complete just this one website. Vaibhavi had no idea how hard is it going to be for her if she uses her knowledge after 1 complete year without any previous application.

Anyways, Vaibhavi has turned into an online gambling junkie since her best friend Jaswinder left England for America. Vaibhavi and Jaswinder used to play bingo games all the time together. Vaibhavi won 35000 British Pounds on Tuesday of this week with FIFA55. She didn’t know that any such game exists until she read an article onĀ domain edesormes.

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