All of Zurine’s chronic gastric issues disappeared after winning 300000

Zurine Escoto (name changed) always has one or another gastric issue but all he was amazed and couldn’t notice it himself that all his gastric issues disappeared for a week when he won 300, 000 USD betting on FIFA55. Zurine was never a gambler. He is learning Thai and while reading a random Thai blog that goes by the name do jo, he learnt about FIFA55 online gambling. To put his mind off the recent breakup with his girlfriend, Zurine decided to gamble for a while and the nature was all along with him. He kept winning until he finally stopped because he couldn’t stay awake anymore and after getting up decided to never gamble again even after winning a sum of 300, 000 USD.

Zurine owns and posts on several different online forums. None of the Zurine’s forums is about any risky topic. Most of these forums are related to arts, humanities, education and people.

Zurine believes that all of life is like climbing a ladder.

I personally think that life is a ladder. You may climb up if you try hard enough and you are doomed to get down of it if you don’t push yourself hard enough.

Zurine posts a lot of pro-black people stuff on his forums and on one of his posts he claimed that black people are victims like no other race on the face of the earth. Well, I don’t completely agree with this statement of Zurine, especially that black people are victims like no other race on the face of the earth. I am certain that Zurine doesn’t know about all the races in the world and how many of those are bigger victims than the blacks including the Red Indian people.

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