Chastity advocate Indian-American woman loves FIFA55

Rishu Lozano (name changed) is an Indian-American woman who claims that an average woman is superior to a man if the man is a wanker or has recreational sex frequently. She also claims that women have more patience and mental strength than the men if you compare them with men who have frequent recreational sex. No, Rishu wasn’t raised a catholic but her claims can be verified by looking at most households of America or any country in the world.

The fact that women have less depression, suicide and a longer lifespan all over the world is known to almost everyone. In most of these countries, the women are still treated as second class citizens if not worst but they still have lesser depression and suicide rates.

Rishu came to the United States with her parents when she was 5. Now she is 33 and for the very first time within these 28 years she traveled to India and was amazed how lazy and procrastinators Indians are. They work all the businesses the old school way and resist to use the new methods, techniques and technologies to run their businesses. Many of those go to work in order to make their family believe that they are working hard. Many just go and sleep in the office or chat with their like-minded neighboring office owners or their employees.

After coming back from India, Rishu promised herself that she will never go back there again. She wrote a post on her blog telling almost everything strange or unusual that she encountered in India. Its a long post of about 4200 words.

Rishu’s favorite pastime is betting and she bets only on fun games like FIFA55 which she discovered through daily 10 online.

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