Ex-waitress at an expensive resort bought a 6200 sq yards bungalow and restarted a toilet soap factory

Sri Cokro (name changed) says that she cannot function without coffee. She claims that coffee increases her productivity like nothing else can. If Sri could turn the page, she would tell her teen self to drink coffee everyday multiple times a day.

Sri Cokro has had several monks and nuns in her family and she herself has this obsession with enlightenment and spirituality quests. Sri’s father owned a small toilet soap factory when she was little. The factory couldn’t keep up with the competition and Sri’s father decided to sell all the machinery and kept it closed. The factory was vacant throughout these years until Sri decided to restart it and invested all the funds required. The factory now has 89 employees.

Sri Cokro bought a 6200 Square Yards bungalow on the Uluwatu Street in the famous Jimbaran village of the super-popular Bali island of Indonesia.

Sri is in love with the island of Bali. There was a time when Sri used to work as a waitress at the St. Regis Bali Resort. She would try to flirt with every white American and European gentleman there in a hope that he will get impressed by her and take her to his country with himself. She spent nights with in-numerous white European and American men in a hope that one of them will take her to his country and she will marry him there and get a green card of a European or American country but that never happened. Sri now considers herself lucky that it never happened.

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Cahya Pambudi created a wonderful life for herself with one click

Cahya Pambudi (name changed) recently got her house remodeled and got a new camper to stay and sleep in meanwhile. Cahya was raised by emotionally draining and what the popular Dr. Phil McGraw likes to call “baiter” parents. Cahya’s parents would always bait her somehow and leave her emotionally drained. Cahya would find it hard to concentrate on her studies after getting emotionally drained by her parents. Cahya was told from her very childhood that all revolutions are nothing but big scams.

Cahya’s father owned an ice cream factory and her mother used to be a homemaker. After completing college, Cahya moved out. She was 21 back then. She really got tired of her emotionally draining parents and she said that she would have preferred sleeping on the streets than living with them. But luckily, Cahya got an apartment and a job immediately.

Cahya’s salary at her job wasn’t enough for the kind of lifestyle she wanted to live and she would wonder all the time what is it that she could do to make some extra buck. Cahya would search the internet a lot in hope for finding some way to make a lot of money on the side and would only trust the links that looked reliable. Cahya once luckily foundĀ Agen Poker Terbaru and it really changed her life.

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