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Pedro is an Argentinian young man who was born in the family of working class people. One of the worst moments in Pedro’s life was when they were taking his brother to the mental health hospital.

Pedro’s grandfather traces its family’s roots to a Sephardi Jewish family. They were a popular social reformers of their time having stood for the women’s rights.

Pedro loves to do a lot of research and currently, he is studying the Yazidi people and trying to find their roots in Judaism. When Pedro is not busy researching, he is busy multiplying his money. Yes, you heard me, soon Pedro will be able to loan Jeff Bezos.

All Pedro does is research on his favorite topics and play¬†taruhan bola online. That’s all that he does. He used to play a lot of football earlier but he hasn’t been playing any outdoor games lately because he stays busy all the time.

Contrary to the popular belief that Jews are racist and look down upon other religions, Pedro and his family believe in religious brotherhood.

Pedro used to be a truck driver. He drove his father’s truck after his father retired. On the way, Pedro used to surf the internet a lot during the red lights and traffic jam. Once while surfing the internet, he came across this wonderful Youtube video that showed him how to play taruhan bola online. Pedro started with US Dollars 100, and can you guess how much money does he have in his bank account today generated with doing nothing but playing taruhan bola only? He has US Dollars 450, 000 sitting in his bank account which he earned within a period of 14 months only.

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