Started his own pub with Poker Money

Robin is a son of dermatologist husband and wife. He was raised in a very ambitious and good atmosphere. His parents’ dream was to make their son the greatest doctor that has ever been. He understood what his parents wanted from him. He would try his best to make his parents proud of him one day but he failed.

Robin was never good at studies. Forget about being the world’s greatest doctor, the school didn’t even allow him to enter the Biology class, he had to enter into the commerce and finance stream after the junior high school.

His parents’ dreams were of course shattered and not only that. Robin fell in love with a gold digging older woman while still in school. They would make love after the school at her home every day and Robin’s parents were unaware of it.

After Robin turned 18, Robin left his parents’ house and never met them again. Robin first worked at the odd wage paying jobs, but soon enough wanted to start a business of his own.

Robin was born in the city of Philadelphia, but raised in New York, but you would be surprised to know where he went from there, he started living at Mill Creek just because of this one girl who had now left him.

Robin’s parents didn’t even bother to look for him.

Robin wanted to start his own pub in the town of Mill Creek. The investment required was very low, but Robin had only a couple hundred bucks in his pocket. Robin wanted to start one so badly that he started researching the ways to multiply his money within a matter of weeks. He finally found the solution called judi poker. Robin started playing judi poker in hope for multiplying his couple hundred bucks.

Robin played the poker all night after coming back from work and converted his 200$ to $1450 within an entire night. He kept playing it every night after coming back from the work, and after 18 days, he had enough money to start his own pub in Mill Creek.

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