Italian-American Young Man living lavish in Los Angeles

Ian is an Italian-American man who came to the United States when he was only 12. Ian’s parents worked odd wage paying jobs all their lives while living in the United States. Ian went to a government school and he had no dreams. He wasn’t even good at any sports. He felt that he will remain a loser all his life.

Ian never went to the college. Ian started working at a McDonald’s after he completed his school. Ian’s parents were worried about him. They never wanted their son to be a petty job worker.

Ian wanted to buy his own car to drive as a taxi. Ian had no money to buy one though. He heard that Uber drivers are making as much as $25 per hour just driving their car. He lived in Los Angeles, and the average there is estimated to be $9 something. Ian wanted to buy a car to drive as a taxi very badly. He looked for the ways to make a quick buck to buy on the internet and turned out that qq online is the only thing that can make him some fast buck to buy his own car to drive as a taxi.

Ian went to the most trusted qq online website and started playing. He had only 89$ to invest and multiply it. He started playing qq online and within a matter of hours, turned his $89 into $700. Ian’s confidence raised and next day, he used $500 to play and turned it into $1550. After doing this for weeks, Ian saved enough money to buy a Honda Accord to drive as an Uber.

After he bought the Honda Accord, his mind changed and instead of using it as an Uber car, he started using it for the personal use and now he does only play qq online as his full-time business and lives lavish.

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